Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life, running, football

I can't believe October is nearly half over! My little sister and her kids were here over the weekend.  I let my kids skip school Friday to get in lots of cousin playtime and have a sleepover Thursday and Friday night.  My sis and I got in a nice run/walk Friday.  She hadn't run much lately and my back has been bothering me so the slow pace was perfect for us both and for conversation.
Flag football is half way through the season.  It goes so fast! My little cowboy insists on wearing his Wrangler jeans to play in.  He has scored every game so they must not do too bad for athletic pants! My big cowboy coaches in his Wranglers too.

Saturday night we went to Bozeman for a college football game.  It was of course fun and even better that the Bobcats won.

We apparently can't all smile at the same time.
I was planning on running a half marathon this weekend, but I never got signed up and I am actually not all that bummed, Life is busy right now and between kids and cows the weekends are pretty well tied up for awhile. So at this point it is looking like my next half marathon will be in March!


  1. Love that your cowboys play and coach football in real.comfortable.jeans!

  2. I have a son who dresses the most absurd especially when it comes to sports. He does not care what he cares or how many holes are in it. Enjoy your "down" time.

  3. Can I say, I love the cowboy hats out on the football field :)

  4. I'm surprised he isn't wearing his cowboy boots too! I hope your back feels better soon.


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