Thursday, January 28, 2016

Change of Plans

I was pretty excited to get off work a little early yesterday and be able to lace up my running shoes and take advantage of this little January thaw we are having.  I was worried the roads would be super muddy but they weren't bad, only a few spots were super muddy.

It wasn't really in my plan to run, in fact Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day, and long run on Thursday. As it happens though, life happened and I got asked to work Thursday and have Friday off instead.  This gives me a four day weekend, but screws up my running plans.

I decided to move my long run to Friday, and make Saturday either an easy run day or a rest day and since I got off work a little early yesterday I was able to get in a run yesterday as well.  YAY!

I think Friday is supposed to be almost 60 degrees! This means the county roads will be okay but I am thinking the rest of the roads less traveled and graveled on the ranch will be a muddy mess.

If there hadn't been such a brisk breeze I could have worn shorts and a tank for sure! I was pretty happy in my tank, capris and arm sleeves though.

What temp do you break out the shorts and tanks?  Low to mid forties for me, unless there is a cold wind.


  1. I love that handstand picture! Actually, I love all your pictures. Unassisted handstand is a goal for me this year.

  2. I'm a wimp - I dont pull out shorts till usually anything over 60 degrees... Basically when everyone else is in minimum clothing... & I still wear arm sleeves then. I stay cold.

  3. It takes a lot for me to break out the shorts and 70! We have been having warm temps was around 50 yesterday...melted most of the snow that came over the weekend! The only hazard is the spray off of everyone's tires in my face!!

  4. I'm not very tough in the cold. for me, shorts don't come out until 60s. Maaaaaybe in the 50s if it's sunny with no wind, or if I'm racing.

  5. Catching up on blogs here, the post of Cola and the barn cat might the best one you've ever posted. Hilarious! Agreed on shorts and tanks/tees. Low to mid-40s. It was 50 when I went out today and I saw a woman in tights, long sleeves, and gloves. WTH girl?


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