Thursday, July 14, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. My long run was 16 miles yesterday. That is the farthest I have run in 4 years! It felt pretty good although by the end my right calf felt like it was thinking about cramping up and I had a niggle in my right foot and left ankle. Next week is a cut back week so hopefully that will give everything a chance to rest up and feel better for my next longer long run.  Next week is only 10 miles and then the week after that will be 18.

The run seemed to start out a little slow, I just couldn't seem to get into a good pace, but about 3-4 miles in I was finally warmed up and moving at my usual long run pace.

2. I have been wearing InknBurn skirts for my long runs.  I love the side pocket on the shorts underneath to put my phone in on one side and chapstick, fuel etc in the pocket on the other side.  For shorter runs I use an arm band for my phone, but it starts to get annoying on longer runs. I also wear an Orange Mud pack to carry my bear spray and water, and water for my dog if I know we won't be running by any water for him.

Last week however I had some chaffing on my right thigh from the shorts.  I was very sad about this, but not ready to give up on my skirts.  Yesterday morning before leaving the house I used a healthy does of Body Glide and not only did that solve the chaffing problem it held my shorts down even better!

3. I figured out a great solution for watering my dog on long runs.  Usually I run by places he can easily drink out of a water tank or creek, but lately my long runs are in drier places.  I carry a 24 oz bottle of water for him and then about half or two thirds into my long runs I pour it into a gallon Ziploc bag and fold the top down a couple times. When placed on the ground and given a little shapem it actually makes a really great bowl for Cola!
He manages to get nearly every drop of water out of the bag.

How has your week been so far?


  1. Your running view continues to be amazing.
    My week has been great! We put up 6 bags of corn yesterday and shelled peas. I got all my workouts in this week so far, and other than a little extra freshly steamed corn on my plate yesterday, my eating has been on target.

  2. I love those INB skirts too! I'm wanting that Bee one...but I'm not even running right now, due to injury, and can't justify spending the $$.

  3. For the INB skirts I have to put things in both pockets, otherwise the shorts move around and I chafe. I wasn't going to buy anything from them, but the new Bee skirt is too cute to pass up, I have it on order.


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