Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Review: July..why are you so hot!

Sunday: A 5 mile progression run.  15 minute kettlebell workout

Monday:  5.1 mile easy run, the legs were tired today!

Tuesday:  25 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning before work

Wednesday: 18 mile long run.. whew! It felt pretty good and I felt better at 16 miles than I did for my 16 mile run last week.  I took the kids and a friend each to a local water park for the rest of the day, the cool water felt good on my legs!

Thursday: 3.1 easy run. I didn't run first thing in the morning. I didn't get out to run until almost 11...and it was so hot!

Friday: 12 minute HIIT workout with body weight only and then my sister in law and I took our kids up to Red Lodge to try our hand at fishing. We also did a little hiking. FUN TIMES!

Saturday:  7 miles with 6x 800 intervals. They weren't that great. My body is ready for a cutback week!

Highlight's from the week...I only worked Tuesday, I took the rest of the week off for a staycation with my kids. They had sleepovers with friends, we went to the local water park, we played in the creek, we went fishing in Red Lodge

We also had another "best ride ever" with the kids yesterday in a pasture that is beautiful but quite difficult to ride in.  Luckily all we were doing was checking on the heifers, not trying to get them out of the pasture.
The areas with all the trees down there are wicked rough coulees that can be hard to navigate on a horse and give the cows lots of good places to laugh at you from while you figure out how to get to them.

Miles for the week: 38.2 in 5 runs
Strength: 2
Yoga: 2

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  1. Great week of running! Way to nail that 18 milers :) A water park after seems like the PERFECT post run treat!

  2. Progression runs always kick my butt. No matter how many I do.

    And congrats on an 18 miler :)
    I bet the water park was PERFECT after such a long run.

  3. Wow, 18 miles in mid July!!! You definitely deserved that water park afterwards!

  4. What a fun week spending time with your kids! Wow! Your marathon training is going so well. You are holding awesome paces. I hope you are enjoying your much deserved cutback week. Thanks for linking, Christy!

  5. Great week! You are amazing. Did you ever share which marathon you'll be running?


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