Thursday, July 28, 2016

IdealFit Review and Giveaway

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a product from IdealFit from their IdealLean line.  IdealLean is a line of products created by a fitness trainer to help you reach your goals faster, feel better, and get stronger every day. The product line includes a pre-workout, a protein powder and BCAAs.   I decided to try out the BCAAs since I have never tried those before.

The IdealLean BCAAs come in three flavors

  • Orange Paradise
  • Raspberry Lemonade 
  • Green Apple
I was sent the Orange Paradise and I found the flavor really good when cold and fresh, but once I let it get warm and admit it was a little hard to finish off.  It was super easy to fit into my day. I was worried I would forget to use it, but I haven't so far! In fact mine is almost gone!
I was also sent their IdealFit Trimr bottle and a sample size of the Fat Burner

Why take BCAAs? Branch chain amino acids are acquired by our body through the foods we eat, taking them as a supplement allows your body to repair muscle faster and it speeds recovery allowing you get get back after it sooner!  If you take them during a workout it allows your body to use them for energy and push harder,
and who doesn't want to push a little harder?

They recommend the BCAAs be consumed during a workout or just sipped on during non workout days.

Not only do IdealLean BCAAs come in three incredibly delicious flavors, they contain 7g of the highest quality branched chain amino acids in a proven 2:1:1 ratio so that you can build lean muscle and recover fast. Plus, with our IdealLean Fat Loss Blend and coconut water powder, you can stay lean and hydrated! source

  1. IdealLean BCAAs helps women reach their goals in two ways:
    1. Accelerate muscle recovery and repair

    2. Help you stay LEAN

    1. Only IdealLean BCAAs contain our IdealLean Fat Loss Blend designed to help you burn fat and stay lean! With ingredients proven to increase metabolism and fat burn, like green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid, evodiamine and more, you’ll be able to achieve the fit, lean and toned body of your dreams.

I know it seems recently I have been struggling with a few extra pounds so I was interested in trying this out for sure!  This is super easy to work into my day, I either drink it during my workout or sip it throughout the morning.

So how do I think it is working?  I have lost a couple pounds, coincidentally my marathon training is also in full swing so whether it is the extra miles being run or the BCAAs something here is working! I am not doing anything else different.  I don't track my weight closely, admittedly but my clothes are fitting better again.

Want to try out a full size product for yourself?

IdealLean Stack

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  1. I have been reading more and more about these products and would love to get in on trying them. I have just bought BCAAs for the first time myself and so far, so good.


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