Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekly review: Mid July

If you do a run and you don't have your Garmin on does it count? If you do your week's worth of workouts and you don't do a weekly review did they even happen? Yes of course, but then you just can't go back and see how you have been doing later!

I haven't done a weekly review in...a very long time.  Thanks to Instagram for helping me remember what I did last week.

Sunday:  5 miles that was a bit of a tempo run.

The rest of the day was a busy blur including breakfast at my mother in laws, my 20 year class reunion picnic, and birthday fun for my nephew.

Monday: 3.1 miles, just a quick 5k before I had to head off to work. and 10 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday:  A 12 minute HIIT in the morning before work

Wednesday: 16 mile long run. It felt pretty good, although I decided 12 miles into my run that it was time to retire my shoes. My right foot was bothering me, my calves felt like they were thinking about cramping up and looking at the treads...they are so used up!  How does that happen so fast?!  I guess I have been running in them since December (although I do have three other shoes in rotation)  

Thursday:  4.1 easy miles

Friday: 20 minutes of yoga before work.

Saturday: Interval day 800x8 with 400 rest intervals. total of 6.6 miles with warm up and cooldown
 also a 15 minute HIIT in the afternoon.

One of the best things about the summer has been how much my kids have both enjoyed riding this year and have been excited about getting to go move cows and help out. Having cousins go along always helps too

Yesterday the kids all kept declaring it a best ride ever in a million years.  Makes a mama's heart happy.

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  1. I have missed your ranch pictures so much! And you are right, sometimes I have to go back and look at my IG pic to remind myself what I did over the past week!

  2. Hey, just found your blog on Bloglovin' and was totally captivated by the ranch pictures! We just moved to the country recently and the nature life is what I was born for!

  3. I have missed you Christy and your beautiful pictures with breathtaking backdrops! I especially love the yoga pose with the sunrise. Oh and I can not forget Cola, who can forget Cola???
    Seeing the horses, my daughter is competing this week in GA in the Nat. Barrel Horse Asso youth barrel race! I can't be there but I get to see her runs via the webcast! Thanks again Christy for joining us, don't go away so long next time :)

  4. Great week! We're at similar stages in marathon training... I'm up to 16 as well but hoping for some cooler weather before I hit 20!

  5. I'm glad to see you back on the Weekly Wrap, Christy! I need to vicariously live my western ranch life through you! I notice your long run was 16 miles (at a great pace no less). Are you training for a marathon? Can you believe my oldest returns to school in three weeks? The summer will end no matter what the calendar says. Thanks for linking.


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