Friday, July 22, 2016

A Friday Five

1. The only day I worked this week was Tuesday, I took the rest of the week off because...its summer, the kids are out of school and I could.  We had no big plans but the kids had sleepovers with friends, we went to a local water park, played in the creek, and today are planning some hiking and fishing. My kids are super stoked about the fishing.

2. My long run was 18 miles this week, it was supposed to be next week, but next week looks really busy and I wasn't sure if I could fit it in, so I did it this week and next week will be a cutback week. It actually works better in the long run and the run felt pretty good. Maybe I can do this marathon thing again!

3. New running shoes showed up in my mailbox yesterday...YAY! Not that it was a surprise I scored them on Ebay.  I haven't run in these before but I tried them on a couple months ago at the local running store and loved how they felt.

 I also have a pair of Altra Torins on the way also from Ebay. If a person in really patient deals can be found!  I wanted ideally a different color since I already have the black ones, but these were too good of a deal to pass up, plus they will blend into my shoe collection nicely.

4. I tried out a new hydration vest from SLS3 yesterday on a short run, after some adjusting I decided I really liked it. although I don't know that I like it more than my Orange Mud double barrel quiver. Time will tell I guess.

It is cheaper than Orange Mud. I had a code to get it on Amazon for 9,90 so I decided to try it.   The biggest drawback to it for me is how high it sits on the back of my neck.

  I also do not think anyone really petite or a size extra small would like it, I have it tightened nearly all the way.

It comes with two 9.5 ozwater bottles for the pockets in the front (but can fit 16 oz bottles) and has a pocket for a bladder in the back, but doesn't come with the bladder. There is a pocket big enough for my iPhone 6 in the front as well and another really small pocket that would be good for a small key or maybe chapstick?

5. Okay this is probably stretching it a bit for five but... aren't my lilies pretty?!


  1. Haha, yes your lilies are pretty! What do you do for work that you can take off when you need to? Sounds amazing;)

  2. I love your lillies!!

    I do believe you can do this marathon thing again!

  3. A new vest? Was there some problem with the OM double? I love my vest pack- still! But I do get some chafing on my shoulders when I wear it with a narrow tank top.

  4. The lily is so pretty! I like the new vest. 18 was my long run distance this week, too! It was the longest I had run in a long time.


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