Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekly wrap: Nearly wrapped up Feb!

Sunday: 6.5 mile easyish run with some pushing the pace.  40 minutes of Yoga for Athletes

Monday:11.5 mile long run, with lots of long gradual hills and several short tough hills. felt great!
21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo workout

Tuesday: 7 mile progessive run. Felt awesome. 21 Day Fix Upper Body and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge.

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Body.. normally wouldn't do two upper body workouts in a row, but Tuesday regular 21 Day upper body workout didn't really feel like a workout at all.  I guess I need more extreme! and it snowed again after running in a cami and shorts Tuesday this was a little sad.

Thursday: 21 Day Fix Extreme ABC workout which is basically legs and abs.

Friday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio workout in the morning before work.

Saturday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Lower Body     I had really hoped to get in a short run Saturday, but after sitting in a chair all day for a basic wildland firefighting in a cold room I have to admit I didn't feel like running when I got home. I was cold and my back was feeling wonky mad. So I relaxed after I cleaned up the kitchen and helped make supper and cleaned up the kitchen again.

Miles: 25  (was hoping for closer to 30)
Strength workouts:7
Yoga: 1  (goal is at least twice a week)
overall a good week

We got more snow Friday and Saturday.. not a lot but still more. While the rest of the country seems to be skipping winter, we are not and I am happy for it really.

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  1. Snow in Iowa on Friday (late afternoon/evening), too. Thankfully, most of it's already gone....but I suspect we have not seen the last of it yet LOL

  2. It's crazy how you were out there in shorts and a cami and then it snowed the next day! Kind of like our weather here in Chicago. Only even more extreme!

    What do you think is going on with your back?

  3. every one of your posts is an inspiring story. especially for me, who am not an athlete, but trying to become a serious runner. I run with SportMe marathon training plan every other day. It calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

  4. Great week of workouts! It is so funny how one day you can wear shorts and the next day it is snowing. We don't get extreme weather like that but it did drop over 30 degrees from the weekend.

  5. We got snow here too in Colorado. We were heading for a really dry February, but then snow on Thursday with scattered flurries on Friday helped with that.

  6. Seven strength training sessions during the week is great! I definitely need more of that in my line up. I can't believe you were able to run in that tank this week. The wildland firefighting course sounds pretty interesting and I guess pretty necessary where you live too. Is that the first time you've taken that it? Thanks for linking, Christy!

  7. Wow shorts and a tank and then snow the next day! I usually pack up a lot of my tanks and shorts to drag out the leggings and jackets but not this year. Our weather is exactly that extreme.


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