Friday, February 17, 2017

Winter Fitness Rants. Friday Five

1. Mostly I am just over winter.. from the first week of December until about last week it's been cold, colder and cold. and snowy. and windy. and did I mention cold. When I say cold I mean teens, twenties, below zero.  I think I saw somewhere we were averaging 22 degrees below normal. Global warming is a cold business.  They have snow on the forecast for next weekend. Even with a week of melting temps we still have piles of it. I am over winter. It's mid February which means on average temps will be trending up, but it can still snow well into June and be overall cold.
Just looking at this picture makes me feel cold!

2. Winter running brings three times as much laundry.  There isn't just a tank, shorts, socks and a sports bra.  There can be a sports bra and uo to three layers on top.. all long sleeves, gloves, a hat, socks, two layers of tights, maybe a second pair of socks, maybe a buff or balaclava. Maybe that is four times as much laundry, but I don't wash my running jacket or hat everytime, but the gloves tend to get snot on them.

3. People asking continually.."you don't really run in this kind of weather do you?" 
Yes. I do. No I don't frostbite my lungs and I run in temps below zero a lot. Everyone seems to know someone who has though and it was a bad deal. Whatever.

Not the best running conditions. Really tests my determination!

4. It makes it hard to do speed work. I don't have a treadmill option, it's run outside or don't run. Dealing with mud and ice and crusty snow just makes it hard to really push the pace when you are worried about bad footing, slipping and tripping. Spring races are looming and I have only had a handful of good speed work days and they were sometimes far apart.
Speedwork... not gonna happen here!

5. It can be so beautiful. You look out the window and it's all sunny and the sky is blue and it looks so nice out. Then you step outside and it's freezing and windy and you wonder "I don't really run in this kind of weather do I?"  But I know I do and make a mile bargain.  If I still want to turn around after the first mile I can.  I never do.

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  1. You've got cold and snow, we're hitting record warm temps this weekend. Climate change? Nah....

  2. It seems like another lifetime when I had a real winter running season...and I live in Iowa LOL. Granted, I much prefer the summer temps (and road conditions), but this winter has really been strange in terms of snow (or lack there of). I know the "real" winter is probably just lurking...

  3. We have not had much of a winter this year but I am with you on the double laundry. Also with a teenage son who is in lacrosse season the laundry can get very piled up around here
    Confessions of a mother runner

  4. Funny, sometimes I'm the opposite -- I look out & it looks so cold, then I get out there & it's not so bad after all.

    But your winter makes ours seem extremely mild. I'm sure all your running in the snow will sub for the missed speedwork!

  5. You have become one of my favorite running bloggers. You are so strong an determined to run in uch cold weather and it is so inspiring. I think of you every time I debate on going for a run if it's less than 40 degrees. Our winter has been pretty mild so in the 30 is kind of cold here and in the 20's I won't run.

    I agree that winter running can be beautiful. I love the scenery and the sky!

  6. So true. All of it. Your runs look more brutal than mine somehow!! But you get sun and I don't. Whomp whomp.

    Also, frostbite lungs?! How does that even happen? Have these people not heard of balaclavas or neck gaiters?!

  7. I'm glad that running is possible in such cold weather - someday I may live in a cold climate. It's not even that cold here in Texas, but winter running means more laundry and more time to layer up, too. Great pictures today!

  8. You're right, that picture does look cold! You are proof that runners will do anything to keep running! I'm not sure I could face that on my own, but I might be able to trick myself into doing it with that "just one mile" method. And then, once you're all bundled up, you might as well keep going!

  9. I agree with you on the above points. The laundry alone about does it for me. The red and black tights look cute which reminds me how having something cute to wear helps get me out the door.


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