Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Wrap: Winter Never Ends

Sunday: 40 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning and a 5.35 mile run later in the day. It was a balmy 45 degrees, and would have been awesome had it not been so windy!

Monday: 30 minutes of yoga in the morning,  a 15 minute HIIT workout and 7.28 mile run with 

3 easy, 2 medium effort and 2 hard miles and a short cooldown. It felt good to push the pace a bit.

Tuesday: 21 Day Extreme Lower Body and Upper Body Workouts.

Wednesday: 9.1 mile long run.  Since this was technically a cut back week I hadn't planned on running more than 8 miles for a long run, but the run felt so good I did a little extra,  back to COLD for this run..17 degrees with a feels like 5 temp.

More snow.. and I let Roader come with me for about three miles of the run.. he loved it.
but it wore him out.
Thursday: 24 minute HIIT workout that was ab focused

Friday: 4.2 mile run..wasn't really planning to run on this day, normally it is a work day, but it was quiet at work so I got the day off and it was also -20 with the wind chills in the morning and I decided I would keep it a cross training day.. but when I got home from grocery shopping it was so nice out.. 18 degrees and sunny (talk about feeling acclimated to winter!)  I had to sneak one in before the kids got home from school.  I didn't have a lot of time so I did a lot of speed work.
The dogs were happy I did.  Also did 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio

Saturday: Quick run before I had to take my daughter shopping at the mall and in for her birthday party at an indoor water park.  Temp of 18 feels like 6.. felt good. I would say now that I am used to it, maybe it should just stay winter, but I am ready for shorts and tanks... at least a little bit!

Running: 31.1 miles (for being a cutback week it was high miles..but it did have an extra run day)
Strength workouts: 6
Yoga: 2

Of course the biggest news of the week was my Lil Cowgirl turning 9 on Friday.
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  1. What is that white stuff? Oh, yeah, we haven't seen any of that since December! It's the weirdest winter. Its been cold and windy, and warm and windy! Great job getting all your runs in!

  2. Wow, great week of workouts, despite the cold and windy temps!

  3. Great week!!! Love that picture of your dog with his head under the bed! You certainly did wear him out!

  4. Great week! I'd be with Roader, huddle under the bed in the those temps!

    Happy birthday to your little cowgirl!

  5. There's Cola! I hope he is being a good "big brother" to Roader. Happy Birthday to your Lil Cowgirl. I bet she had a blast at the indoor water park will all that snow outside. I know you are tired of the snow, but it is very lovely. I haven't been in snow in...3 years maybe? Thanks for linking, Christy!

  6. Bless it Roader is pooped after that run with you! How very sweet Happy Birthday to you daughter! I do love looking at the pictures of snow, I don't think even when we get it it looks that pretty! Hope you have a great week Christy!


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