Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Wear Wednesday: Altra Heat Zone Tights and Jacket

Since becoming an Altra ambassador I have paid a bit more attention to the clothing line.  I have been in love with their shoes for years now, but hadn't  tried anything from their clothing line.  This last week I have been pretty stoked to try out the Zoned Heat jacket and tights. While I am an Altra ambassador I am not required to give a positive review, all opinions are my own.

I have to admit when I first felt the jacket I was very surprised at how thin and light it is, when they say it is made with the ZeroLite Fabric they are not kidding, but would it be warm enough for winter running in Montana?

I don't like to run cold.  or hot for that matter, but being cold is so miserable. Having the right gear makes all the difference in the world.

My first run in the Zoned Heat jacket was in 17 degree weather with a feels like 5 and a slight breeze.  That's not very warm. So I put on my thermal top and bottoms underneath just like I normally would and resisted the urge too add a third layer on top.  I also had on my neck buff and a hat and my Altra Lone Peak NeoShells (this are a new winter running must have for me). 

no need for double socks and toe warmers with my NeoShells!  I put on the gaitors to keep snow from getting in also, worked perfectly. 
A mile into the run I was hot and sweating profusely so I turned around and put on a lighter layer underneath.. my INKnBURN tights and an INKnBURN pullover.  It was perfect.

Jacket details to love (I did size up to a medium based on recommendations and knowing I would be layering underneath it)
  • Two zippered pockets (I hate when pockets on running jackets don't have zippers, makes them useless in my opinion
  • Super light.. no more feeling so bundled up for cold winter runs.
  • Nice long sleeves (only thumbholes and mitten cuffs on the ends would be better)(because..thumbholes)
  • Zips up high (think mock turtle neck to keep the neck warm)
  • Did I mention how light it is?  The ZeroLite fabric is feather light!
  • Reflective logo on back and front
  • Warm..water and wind resistant
Tights details to love:(I sized up on the tights as well and probably didn't need too, even with a thicker thermal layer underneath they have lots of room in them, but still fit okay enough that I didn't exchange them for a small.)(I saw a review that said they had compressive qualities..I lost that in sizing up and am okay with that)
If you look close you can see the quilted panels above and below my knees, try not to get distracted by the beagle.
  •  A pocket on each leg (big enough for bigger than my iPhone6 and lots of fuel)
  • Lots of mobility, the quilted parts are strategically placed on the thigh and shin, but not over parts that need flexibility like the knees.
  • Drawstring in the waist band
  • Reflective logo on back and front
  • warm!

See.. lots of flexibility for yoga moves in the tights.
The quilted parts aren't as flexible, but they are strategically placed so it's not a problem. My only complaint is... black. If you follow me at all you know I love bright running clothes.. They do have a pink jacket, but I am not a fan of pink. Blue, green, yellow.. I would have got that.  Black is always classy though!

I added this photo so show off the details a little better and show you the pink jacket, the pink are the quilted areas.

When I head out for my run today in the cold you can get I will have on my Zoned Heat Gear! The high today is supposed to be 12. Brr!


  1. I had no idea Altra made clothes! I love how these shoe companies are upping their game! Nice review.

    1. Yes they make really nice clothes! I picked up a couple of tanks that will be great if it ever warms up, it's -15 right now so I won't be wearing them today!

  2. Sounds a lot like my NF Thermoball -- thankfully I haven't had to wear it much this winter.

    Talk to me about those NeoShells, I hate doubling up on my socks!

  3. It must be fun to be an Altra ambassador. The clothes sound great if they keep you warm on such a cold day and aren't bulky. I like the colors on your shirt!

  4. My 8K training begins next week and the weather will likely still be questionable. I'm not looking forward to outdoor running in the winter. Not my favorite!

  5. It was super balmy and 60 in So Cal this morning. Pretty sure I will never have need of winter running gear like that. Do you ever wear gloves?

  6. Yes to all of these tips!! After living in Alaska for four years, I feel like I could talk cold weather gear all day long. Ha! ;)

  7. Almost all of these tips are just so amazing to live up to summer season. Loved the thin layer idea….this one is absolutely I wold love to adhere to.
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  11. That is definitely a gorgeous color on you and I love eShakti! I just bought the most gorgeous skirt from them to wear the day after the wedding!
    Harold Burton

  12. Love your outfit! You need to come reinvent my style for me! Definitely going to try those tacos, too.
    Joseph Donahue

  13. Oh hey hot mama in your fur and leather. I cracked up with the pic on the bed and you scaring yourself. Those yogurt bars look good!
    Kelly Hubbard


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