Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap: The one where I have a cold

Sunday: Easy ish run with some fartleks, but overall just didn't feel very good. I felt a bit hungover, which considering I hadn't drank at all wasn't a good thing. The run seemed to clear my head for a bit, but then it was back to wanting to crawl back in bed all day.

Monday: Feeling better, except my sinuses and getting snotty... ran some hills, but overall felt low on energy for the run so I cut it short.  Also did 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper body

Tuesday: A bit of yoga in the morning before work

Wedenesday: Still feeling not 100% and blowing my nose all the time. UGH  Still managed to get in a good long run. Happily it is also a cutback week so instead of a longer run I only had 10 on the schedule.  The first couple miles really drug on but I ran the last 4 as intervals to make it go faster

Thursday: Super gorgeous day out so I snuck in a run after work

Friday: Nothing.  I was tired and I didn't feel like it and am so very over blowing my nose. Little cowgirl spent the night at my parents with three other cousins and little cowboy spent the night at my Aunt's house with another cousin so my cowboy and I could have gone out on the town, but we were both so tired we just went to bed early.

Saturday: I had great intentions of running, but I felt even worse. I decided that the best thing would be to not run even though the weather outside was amazing perfect for running.   I worked in my flower beds, did a 24 minute HIIT workout, helped my Aunt set up her new Total Body Gym
Yellow bells are out in full force
and my Dad haul in his feed truck that had died on him while out feeding the cows that morning.

Miles run 23
Strength workouts: 2
Yoga: 1

Not my best week but hopefully I am over the hump with this cold thingy. I know I personally am so over it.

After the amazing weather on Saturday we had this to look forward to..

woke up to this Sunday.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! I just love that pic of Roader chewing on your braid. And the snow needs to go away!

  2. Oh my more snow! I know you can't wait until it's over with just like your Cold. I get the part of being so tired you and the hubs just stay at home and crash!

  3. Yuck! My colds are bad enough that I do have to put my running hold. I can still strength train, but I need to go slow because of my sinuses. I hope you feel better!

  4. I hope you are feeling better!i love all of the pictures but roade chewing your braid was the best.When there are are so many advantages of snowfall and Winters there are some disadvantages as well because of snowfall and cold weather it's really hard to exercise and train.

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