Friday, April 14, 2017

5 Reasons why Spring Running is the Best

Spring running in Montana can be a bit of a crap shoot.. some days winter tries hard to remind us it wasn't that long ago and other days are blue sky sunshine perfect running days with temps in the 50s and 60s.

       Like many places in the northern hemisphere, winter can make for some brutal running conditions, there are some days that are perfect for running and others that are quite inhospitable. This winter seemed more brutal than average with below normal temps for an extended spell and lots of snow.  When spring finally arrives it is a most welcome thing!

Here are five of my favorite things about spring running in Montana

1. Losing the layers. When the temps are -10 with the windchill it requires double layers for tights, triple layers for tops, jackets, etc, gloves, hats, neck buff, etc to keep warm. This makes running feel a bit bundled up and also makes for a lot of laundry. It feels freeing to not worry about how many layers, which layers and where is my left glove.

2. Being out in the green.  Depending on the year things brown up here in late June early July. It's still beautiful but it's hard to beat that bright green that is here April, May and June. The

3. Getting out the tanks and shorts (and camis and skirts)

4. Wildflowers: my two favorite early spring flowers are currently in bloom
  • Yellow bells
  • Shooting stars

5. Not having frozen hands (or ears, or nose, or toes) and knowing that we do get the spring snows they won't last long and will be followed by perfect running weather.

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  1. Not having frozen hands is a good reason to live Spring running! I love that you don't have to wear a lot of layers as well!

  2. Yay for losing the layers! I'm glad to be back in my shorts ;-) Those flowers are beautiful!!

  3. Oh God, all the layers are the worst!

    It takes us longer to green up (still waiting on some leaves), but we don't usually get too brown unless it's unusually hot. Summers here are usually pretty nice. I don't miss TX in the summers (although I always miss those bluebonnets!).

  4. I'm loving how green everything is here right now! I'm glad things are warming up for you! It's easier to run with fewer layers, no?

  5. Yes there is something about running and seeing all the beautiful flowers and greenery that just gives you an extra pep in your step
    Deborah @Confessions of a mother runner

  6. I just like that "spring" smell in the air--everything is so fresh! I also like the smell of fresh cut grass. Waiting on that one.

  7. I do miss running in Texas in the spring because I would see the blue bonnets. It's always one of the first signs of spring to see those.

  8. I am loving the SMELLS of spring! :)

    1. YESSSSSSSSS! I kind of look forward to the pollen, even! It makes me said that we only get about 2 weeks of spring here in Chicago--I got amazing spring on the east coast!

  9. Spring doesn't last long here in ATL. Highs are already in the mid 80s. I'm a fall runner, but I think I would dig Spring running if I lived where you do. Those flowers are amazing!

  10. Oh I love the tanks and shorts too!! Going lightweight makes my run feel a little bit easier ;)

  11. Oh girl, I feel you on spring running. I am SO READY to pack away all the winter gear. I wore shorts and a singlet on my run today and it was amazing!! But alas, Cleveland has such wacky weather I'm sure we'll get another snowstorm before June.

  12. As a fellow Montana runner, I agree! I ran today in shorts. Yay!

  13. I really enjoy running in the spring too! The flowers in bloom just automatically cheer me up!

  14. Yes to all of this, Christy! Especially no. 1. I'm so glad to not have to wear so many layers and that my extremities aren't cold anymore! Woohoo!

  15. Christy, Christy, Christy!

  16. It is a true fact that redheads get even prettier after they complete a run as compared to other runners in general because the sun shines on the freckles and makes them luminous and the other runners just have their same appearance at the finish. Don't worry, I am not hitting on you. It is a fact though. It's good.

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