Monday, January 15, 2018

Marathon Training Week 3

Sunday: Day 1 of 80 Day obsession Total Body Core.  This was a great arm and core workout, not too heavy on the legs and then Speed work day!

800s x 4 at about 3:40 pace and then 400s x 4 at 3:35 pace with quarter mile recoveries in between and a mile warm up and cool down

Monday: 80 Day Obsession Day 2 Booty Day...did I feel this in my booty..yes! no weights just resistance bands. then an easy run, that was really really cold!

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Long run day. Was supposed to be 14 miles, but I made a miscalculations and a road I thought I was going to be able to use wasn't plowed and not runnable so I had to take a longer way back to my car.

Good thing it was so beautiful out and I didn't mind the extra mile

Blue skies and sunshine and temps in the low 30s, it was heavenly compared to what it has been.

Thursday: Easy recovery run 3 miles.  Working really hard to keep recovery runs and easy runs at the speed they are supposed to be, this one was probably faster than it should have been, but once I loosened up I was feeling good. and 46 degrees!! And then 20 minutes of yoga

Friday:  80 Day Obsession AAA Day

Saturday: 5 mile Easy Run in the afternoon and 80 Day Obsession Leg Day

Totals for the week
Running: 36.6
Strength: 4
Yoga: 1

Overall it felt like a good week. I am not sure how long I will keep up with the 80 Day Obsession workoutts, they are longer than I am used to and my priority is marathon training. I have always kept up with strength training.  The two workouts I didn't do this week from 80 Day Obsession were both cardio workouts...somehow I think I have the cardio part covered already.

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  1. 80 day obsession sounds intense! And yes, with the marathon training, I think you've got that covered. Your yoga poses are always beautiful!

  2. You've most definitely got the cardio covered with your running! But the 80 day obsession deal does sound like a great workout. I always love seeing your running pics with your sweet pups!!

  3. I think your cardio is definitely covered! Your views looks gorgeous - but I'd never be able to hold that pose in the snow! I'm a wimp when it comes to having touch snow or ice - it just causes my body temperature to drop like a rock.

  4. Ive been hearing a lot about 80 day obsession and it sounds like a great workout...although Im not sure I could manage it along with marathon training! Nice job this week...its so crazy how the temps are just all over the place!

  5. It sounds like your marathon training is going very well. Your runs look even extra pretty this week. That blue sky is amazing. I'm glad the temperate moderated a bit for you. Thanks for linking!

  6. What beautiful snowy scenes. Do you have to put anything special on your running shoes when you run on the snowy roads? Do you wear different shoes than you normally would wear?

    Sounds like you are having fun with your training!

  7. Gorgeous scenery for your runs, lucky girl! Awesome week of training :)

    80 day obsession? Sounds intense, especially during marathon training. Rockstar!

  8. Your snow pics are so beautiful! It was 45-degrees in Iowa yesterday, and it actually felt balmy and tropical!

  9. Those are snowy roads! People here would be freaked out and hunkered down. I never have been good at combining strength and running days, even though I know it could be good. I just like to focus on one or the other.

  10. I always have had to skip cardio workouts when doing cross training programs, otherwise my body rebels!

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