Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week 4 of Marathon Training

Sunday: Tempo Run 7 miles
80 Day Obsession Total Body Core

Monday: 5.6 miles easy
80 Day Obsession Booty Day

Tuesday: Rest Day  Easy yoga in the morning before work

Wednesday: Long run day, cut back week.  2 miles easy 8 as close to goal marathon pace as I could with hills and everything and 2.25 miles easy

Thursday: Cardio Flow from 80 Day Obsession before work
Friday: Yoga 30 minutes

Saturday: Easy run 8 miles
80 Day Obsession AAA

Miles run:30.85\
Strength workouts: 4
Yoga: 2


  1. Cola really likes to help!! Great pictures! Great week!

  2. Very strong week! You always have the best pictures ")

  3. I do love seeing all that INB in your pictures! Another great week for you.


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