Friday, January 5, 2018

Weekly Recap: Also known as marathon training week 1

And the first week of 2018 is in the books, with it is my first official week of marathon training.

Sunday:  Elliptical for 60 minutes and P90X3 upper body. The wind chills were just more than I wanted to take on two days in a row. I had run the day before with a -22 wind chill and it was no better on this day. I just wasn't feeling it and I knew warmer weather was coming. I also didn't think the roads had been plowed yet.

Monday:  Running 6.5 miles easy -7 with the wind chill, which was a major warmup so this actually felt really good! I was also loving that there was now at least a single lane plowed through the snow to run in.
Tuesday: I got off work early and was super excited to get out and run in 23 degrees! Even if the wind chill made it only 9 degrees. My legs felt super sluggish for the first two miles but then warmed up and made the run a lot funner.

Wednesday: Long run day:  13.3 miles  Didn't mean to run this far really, but had to spend a little extra time out because Roader decided to follow his nose and took off across the creek where I couldn't follow due to the deep snow and me only wearing running shoes. He came back eventually,
as he always does.

Thursday: Just a little shake out run because I couldn't resist the sunshine.   Also 20 minutes of yoga in the morning before work.

Saturday: Speed work day! 800s x 8 with quarter mile cool downs and a half mile warm up and cool down. The 35 degrees was amazing to run in and I now finally feel climatized for winter!

Running 30.8 miles
Strength: 2
Yoga 2

And Roader wanted to introduce to you Whiskey Pete. Whiskey Pete likes to lay by Roader's heat vent, box his ears, and lay in the laps that Roader wants to. They are actually becoming pretty good friends.
How was your week?

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  1. Yay! Another runner who just sucks it up and runs outside. I hope it doesn't get super cold any more for either of us!

  2. wow what a start to your training plan! You really are hard core out there. Way to get it done

  3. -22 wind chill. Eek!! I thought 15 degrees (with who knows what wind chill) was bad. You're a tough gal!

  4. My cat loves to lay by the heat vents. I actually have her condos next to the heat vents for the rooms they're in. She gets warm from that, and the sun beam.

  5. Great job getting out there in those temps! Hopefully it will stay a little warmer now. -22 wind chills does not sound like good running weather!

  6. I bet Roader and Whiskey Pete will be the BEST friends! Nice mileage for week one of marathon training! I'm curious, it looks like you keep your face uncovered while running in those cold and windy conditions. Do you use something to keep it from getting chapped? Thanks for linking!

  7. Great start to your marathon training!! Whiskey Pete is too cute :)

  8. Oh, your pets are so cute! Great start to the year -- and to marathon training!
    ~ Coco

  9. Your animals are so cute! I love when everyone gets along. Congrats on braving the cold. Montana winters are no joke!

  10. Great job running out in those temps! Looks like a great week to start off marathon training!

  11. Wow! So cold where you're at! Great job out there!

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