Thursday, February 2, 2012

PureFit Bar Review and a Coupon Code

1.  I was given the chance to try PureFit Bars.  I was sent one of each flavor and at first glance was not very impressed with the flavor selection..  Let's face it they sounded a little blah when you compare them to Luna or Larabars.
  • Almond Crunch
  • Berry Almond Crunch
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Peanut Butter Crunch
  • Granola Crunch
.  I overall really  like them.  The flavor I like least was surprisingly Chocolate Brownie.  I would have guessed that to be my favorite.  My favorite was the Granola Crunch and Berry Almond Crunch.  This surprised me also.  The Almond and Peanut Butter were also good.  I do not advise anyone to eat these without having a full glass of water to wash it down otherwise it gets stuck in your throat.

Nutritionally they all contain 18g of protein which is really good I think.

From their website:

Kosher-certified and vegan-approved PureFit bars do not contain dairy, wheat, or gluten, and will not melt in their packaging. PureFit works diligently to provide high-quality, award-winning nutrition bars without artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols or common allergens, including milk, wheat or gluten.
Our bars are an integral part of The PureFit Fat-Burning System. It provides many of the nutrients and calories you need to round out your PureFit diet. And it does not contain harmful ingredients found in virtually every nutrition bar on the market. 100% All-Natural Ingredients, 18 Grams of Soy Protein, Non-GMO Soy, Unprecedented Great Taste. This low glycemic, nondairy bar is based on over 20 years of research and was not practical to manufacture until now. It offers:
  • NO Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO Animal Products - Vegan
  • NO Cholesterol or Trans Fatty Acids
  • NO Wheat or Gluten
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO Hidden Carbohydrates
  • NO Sugar Alcohol

They also have a great web page talking about how to choose your own bar HERE

If you want to place an order you can get 25% off with the coupon code PROMO25

I don't really care one way or the other about the whole vegan or kosher thing.   I like that they are healthy and won't  melt. 


  1. Not melting is a good point to have when summer will be coming soon. I always have a bar randomly somewhere, car, gym bag, work bag, ect.

  2. I tried them recently too and I liked them. I had to get over the fact that their consistency is not at all what a Power Bar is you know?

  3. hmm- interesting. I have yet to like any of the vegan bars I have tried (not that I am a vegan or that a bar being vegan matters to me, either). I'll have to try these out.

  4. I am waiting for mine too... looking forward to trying them - I always like to try out new things.

    Different bars work for different reasons and are better suited to some things, I think.

    I really like a bar that doesn't melt to stash in the glove box of the car or to tuck in my purse... I always carry food with me!

  5. mmm, I bet the granola crunch is good...sounds awesome! I might have to give them a try once I get through this 24 day challenge!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Let me know when they get the BEEF bar. I am willing to wager it will be jerky flavored.


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