Friday, February 10, 2012

Jury Duty Brief

I would have to say that I am very relieved that jury duty is over.  I was tougher than I thought it would be.  When I finally left there yesterday I was drained. I went home, went for a run and relaxed later that night with my family.  I feel lucky to have the life I do.  Lucky to have the family I do.  I am glad that in life I not only made choices that have got me where I am today, but that my friends and family did too.

We had to help decide the fate of some very bad people.  We deliberated for over 10 hours.  10 hours of  heart felt and sincere arguing with each other. 10 hours of soul searching, are we doing the right thing?  The judge was very helpful in making this experience as positive as possible.  He told us when we were done this was the longest he had ever had a jury deliberate.  He said this was actually good as we didn't give up and kept hammering away at it.  He has had juries come back after only a couple hours and be hung.

He also commented the first time he heard our room erupt with laughter he thought we were done and headed out to his chambers.  the fourth time he heard us do that he didn't even get up.  He stated that historically when the jury room does that it means they are done and relieved to have reached a conclusion.  When we did finally send him a note to say we were done he was shocked because it was so quiet he could have heard a pin drop.  I think when we all finally agreed we were so relieved to be done, but we also felt the extreme gravity of the situation.

These were people's lives we were affecting. 

The judge came in the jury room later and let us ask him questions.  There had been a lot during the trial we couldn't know because it could have biased us, but he explained it all.  I think that all made us feel better.  He also said he had great faith in the jury system and had seen it work again and again and our decision only reconfirmed his belief in that.

our case really came down to a he said, he said and who do you believe that most.  There really was no hard evidence.

Hard stuff!


  1. Wow. What an experience. I've never actually made it onto a jury, much less one like you describe. It's very cool to hear this perspective and yes, reinforce my faith in the system. Glad you are all wrapped up now!

  2. Good job. I have never served but hope to someday when it won't mess up my schedule. (like when I'm retired....) :)

  3. Such a thoughtful approach to the topic! Whatever the verdict, I'm always reassured that jury members really do take their job seriously and with great conscience, which can be really uplifting

  4. Glad it is over with. And that you are satisfied with the outcome.

    I hope you can put it all behind you and forget about the negativity of it all.

    Have a great weekend, Christy!

  5. Sounds incredibly overwhelming Christy. I am so glad it is over and that you are able to reflect on it in a positive way.

  6. Wow that sounds like such a long and exhausting day! I'm sure you guys made the right choice. Now you need a fun and relaxing weekend to recuperate!

  7. wow - what an experience! That must have been emotionally draining for sure. Good for you for taking it so seriously! I bet your run felt good, and nice to be home with the family. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. it sucks when it's that way because then you have to let them off. sigh. As our law states "they shall be innocent unless proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt"

    must've been an interesting experience though :)

  9. Good job doing your civic duty! I think it would actually be pretty interesting to be on a jury. Glad you survived the ordeal in one piece and I bet you are super happy to be able to run again, Yay!!

  10. I've never had jury duty before but my hubby has been called twice. Sounds like you guys really worked hard - awesome job! I have always thought it would be interesting but I would get some kind of civil case, I am sure!

  11. Oh man that is tough stuff. Actually my worst nightmare. Jury duty scares me. I never want to hold the fate of someones life in my hand.
    I'm so glad you are done and you got a run in, yay.
    Hope you have a fun relaxing weekend.

  12. Sounds like you coped really well in a tricky situation. Now back to running and the great outdoors!


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