Saturday, February 4, 2012

Redemption and 2012 Goals January Review

I had such an awful slogfest in the mud Tuesday that I was really feeling like I just needed a good run, so I set out  Wednesday looking for a little redemption.  The first two miles started out slower than I wanted but since I was going to be throwing in some 400s I tried not to dwell on it.

At the start of my third mile I did my first 400 at 6:45 pace and was surprised at how good I felt.  I did a total of four with a quarter mile recovery job in between.  Then I had a huge three quarters of a mile hill to go up so I put them on hold till I crested the hill, but when I got to the top of the hill I sort of forgot about the intervals and found myself cruising along a mile later at 7:55 pace. 

I felt like the 400s I did earlier had hit a reset button.  I cruised along for the rest of the run and did the last of the 11 miles an 6:49.  To say it felt good was an understatement.  Sure I was tired at the end, but I still had so much energy.  I felt like I could have done a couple more miles at the 7:50ish cruising pace.

Yay for a great run!

and now for a quick recap of my 2012 goals and how I did with them in January!

1. Drink more water:  I am doing a lot better at work, but don't seem to do very good at home.  I think it is just the weather being cold maybe?  I can walk around cleaning the house and think "I'm thirsty" but then I just do and do something else, like getting a glass of water is such a big chore or something.

2. Wear more sunscreen:  I have been more careful about applying the face lotion with the sunscreen on my face and neck and ears before I run.  Even when it is cloudy just so I stay in the habit.  Although I bet I still didn't do it about half the time. 

3.Run 1500 miles this year (about 125 a month or 28 a week) Mileage for the month is..156.  Which is also a most in a month ever.  The second highest miles in a month is 139 back in November. 

4. Eat less sugar: I have been doing better here.  When I stop at the gas station to get gas I do not go in and get a bag of candy anymore, but I still eat it, if it is in front of me. 

5. Run Faster.  I have done a couple speed workouts, but no races yet.  I have also stepped up the HIIT workouts, which I like to believe help make me faster. My first race in March 18th and is a 5k.  I figure it will be a good benchmark of where I am sitting for the rest of the racing season.

6.Read the kids a bedtime story every night.  Done except for the times they fall asleep on the couch early.

7.Keep running clothes in my car so when the opportunity presents itself I can knock out a quick run.  So far doing this has resulted in an extra 14 miles during the month of January. This helped me get my highest mileage in a month ever!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Anyone racing this weekend?
Do you ever feel like you have a reset button and suddenly running just feels great again?


  1. Excellent goals! I completely agree with #7 - you never know when a run will present itself & it is best to be prepared! I would also like to run faster, which means I'll have to do more speedwork. I'm not good about that! & I am completely guilty at not reading to my kids at night. I read to Tucker every single night until he learned how to read. Then I stopped. And poor Izzy has been neglected. I should know better! I'm a teacher. :)

  2. I love the idea of leaving clothes in the car so you can get a run in whenever. Do you have an extra pair of shoes too? Way to go with your goals. I too have the same struggle with water - I work from home and I drink my water M-F just fine and fall apart on Saturdays. Off to fill my work water bottle now to enjoy on a Saturday!

  3. Great goals & a great start to the new year! 156 miles is AWESOME!

    I've been struggling with drinking enough water the past few months since its been cooler/cold too.

  4. I struggle to drink enough water and like you do better at work than at home. Never ending battle as it does make a difference.

  5. I so agree with you about the reset button. I did a stride workout last week where I felt sluggish and heavy at the beginning but great after the strides. You are going to be super fast for your 5K with all of those miles and speed workouts. Congrats on a great January!

  6. Wow Killer run!! Congrats.
    I always feel like I get a good run after a bad run. I wonder why that is.
    Way to stick with the goals. Good job!

  7. Progress not Perfection! Keep working on those goals... you are doing so well... and 156 miles is pretty awesome!

  8. That's some awesome mileage! Great job on your run and goals- you started the year out right.

  9. Nothing feels better than progress! Good for you. And nice job upping your numbers--love the idea of keeping the running clothes on hand.

    I was feeling like I was getting faster, did some hill repeats, and then the Achilles started talking back, so I had to take a week off. But got in 18 today, so hopefully I can get back to some progress again.

  10. i'm the same with water... drink tons at work then barely have any while at home. can't figure it out!

  11. Those are great goals and it is reminding me that I should probably make some!! I hear you on the more water. I feel like I make this goal at least twice a day!

  12. Good job on the goals! I found that it does totally help to keep my running clothes handy!

    I need a reset button. Running is a chore right now!

  13. Great goals! I drink a lot of water, but not as much in the winter time - guessing I don't need so much now.

  14. i think you just might be the fastest person I know and I'm envious ;)

  15. Awesome goals!
    As far as drinking water, I am buying a 1-liter bottle and try to make sure I drink that bottle in one day. I am really bad about drinking water so, this is a start.


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