Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finish This: July

I found this over at Kyria's blog and though I was not going to post tonight, now I am.  SO blame her :)

Finish this: July

Maybe I should fold the four baskets of laundry and put it away instead of doing this.
I love life.
People would say that I’m a runner.
I don’t understand people who would rather be on welfare than get a job and have some pride.
When I wake up in the morning  it is early, usually about 4:45 and am sandwiched between two kids.
I lost my spare car key. 
Life is full of beauty.
My past is full of
 happiness, I have been so blessed.
I get annoyed when
 people talk to me during a movie or a TV show.
Parties are best when small and I can leave when I want.
I wish I had more of a green thumb.
Dogs are
 great running partners. 
Birds are great singers.
Tomorrow I’m
 taking my son school shopping for the first time. 
I have low tolerance for being tired or hungry. 
I’m totally terrified of
 something happening to my kids.
I wonder why I
 need so much sleep.
Never in my life have I
 been to the west coast.
High school was fun, but I was so ready to move on.

When I’m nervous 
I giggle, usually inappropriately! 
Take my advice: Just put on your shoes and run.
Making my bed
 doesn't happen very often.
I’m almost always optimistic.
I’m addicted to running, chewy fruity candy, cake and my kids laughter.
I want someone to make me a multimillionaire.


  1. Ah, so you are a nervous giggler too!

    Fun read, Christy... hope you and the little dude have a good day at school.

    1. You two have motivated me to post this mañana! =)

      PS: Christy I want to become a multimillionaire, too!!

  2. I'd make my bed if my lab didn't pull all the covers off. He likes to lay on the top sheet for some reason! That was a fun read!! Have fun school shopping!

  3. haha love this. I want someone to make me a multimillionaire too! I'm thinking the laundry thing too. If only laundry fairies existed.

  4. I honestly cannot remember the last time the bed was made. Even when I put clean sheets on, I just kind of half-ass it. No one sees our bedroom, so I don't see the point!

  5. I loved this and hope you don't mind I will share it on my blog as well.

  6. Good stuff!

    My husband calls our laundry baskets the "dresser" because the clothes very rarely make it out of them.

  7. Haha. First of all, go ahead and blame me! Second, as you know, I live on the west coast, so get your butt over here! Now you have no excuse!

  8. We are going school shopping, too--probably on Thursday or Friday. I'm excited. The kids don't know how fun it is yet. We also have to buy uniforms (it's a charter school). Whew! My whole routine is about to change in a big way.

    Laundry is my favorite chore (which is a good thing since there's always plenty of it). I'd much rather fold than vacuum or clean the damn bathroom.

  9. This is a cute list! :)

    I can't even fathom school shopping. What happened to kids starting school in September?

    "my life is full of happiness, I'm so blessed" - what an amazing statement!

  10. School shopping?! Oh yeah, we better do that too.

  11. Love it! You've got a great outlook on life :D

  12. Just did the same thing myself! :)


  13. Just a multimillionaire? Dream bigger! :)

  14. Really neat post!! I really enjoy fill in the blanks.. Gives you a chance to learn a few more things about a person, that you probably didn't know. :)

  15. I've been toying with the idea of doing a July recap, but much like you keep thinking of other things I should be doing!

  16. Dogs are the best running partners! And you will be going to the west coast soon with Hood to coast :)

    Cute post!


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