Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Hope everyone had a great Independence Day yesterday.  No fireworks for us yesterday, the whole state of Montana, as well as anywhere else, seems to be one big firework  waiting to explode.  The biggest fire in the nation right now is in Montana with over 244,000 acres, over 380 square miles, burned and only 55% contained.  

We contemplated going to a rodeo with the kids, but then my husband got busy working on his truck and the kids and I took a nap.  I got up from my nap and my husband got a fire call on a fire about 5-6 miles north of our house.  Way too close to where our cows are. 

Luckily, no one is messing around.  A helicoptor and a tanker were on the fire in short order and so were lots of local fire departments.  The fire was contained at somewhere between 60 and 80 acres. So lucky it was caught early!

This is just a screen shot so you can't play, but the pink arrow is where the biggest fire is, and the blue one is sort of where I am.

2.  I have started packing for my trip to Missoula for my first marathon.  I think maybe I am over packing, but I would rather have more than I need than not enough.  Although 8 GUs and 3 packs of Clif Bloks might be enough for two marathons!

I still don't know when we are going to leave.  My parents were planning to go up to Missoula for a skeet shoot (my Dad is a pretty kick ass skeet shooter) but given the fire season being what it is, he may not go.  My husband might not go either.

If that is the case I think my Mom and I will leave Friday with the kids and make a weekend of it. 

3. It is going to be hotter than normal in Missoula this weekend.  Normally for this marathon they have a starting temp in the low to mid fifties and in the seventies by noon.  This year..a little hotter than normal.

I think I will just have to adjust my expectations and allow for it being so hot.  I have decided to run with my hydration belt, I wasn't going to, but well it is going to be HOT!  I want to stay hydrated.  My first half marathon was a super hot one so I guess it is fitting my first full is too. It will make my next one feel easy. (HA!) Although I would take a cold front in a heart beat.

Regardless of the temps, I plan to be a marathoner at the end of the day.


  1. That's so scary about the fires. I'm glad everyone is ok!!

    I had no idea what to pack for my first marathon, so I procrastinated and just grabbed everything the morning of. It worked out fine, but made for a stressful morning!

  2. Glad that they were able to contain the fire so quickly! That is really scary when they are so close to home like that.

    The year my sister ran Missoula is awfully hot too. I think she ran it 2 years ago? I will have to check. I remember waiting for her to finish and I was drenched in sweat. It is probably a really good idea to wear your hydration belt.

  3. I'm glad they got that fire contained so quickly! That must have been such a relief.

    I definitely think it's smart to take your hydration belt if it's going to be that hot.

  4. That is a lot of fires! Your marathon is so close!! I always run with my hydration belt just because I like to have my water when I am thirsty or to avoid the crowds at the water stations. GOOD LUCK!!

  5. Those fires are soooo scary. I hope they can contain it soon.

    Boo to the heat! But at least you are prepared. I think taking the hydration pack and extra gu is a good plan. I also love your positive attitude. "regardless of temps, I plan to be a marathoner by the end of the day." love it. :)

  6. Christy...I am so excited for you!!! good Luck...and I think it's wise you are running with a belt. You just never know when you will want or need to better safe than sorry!!!

    so glad to hear you and your family are safe from those wicked's a crazy time we are living in, huh?

    Can't wait to hear all about your first marathon!

  7. Stay safe. All these fires are so scary.

    Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to read all about it.

  8. SO EXCITED FOR YOU, CHRISTY! You are so ready for this!!!

  9. Those fires are scary!! Hope everything stays safe for you guys, and your cows!

  10. WOW! holy moly with those fires. That sounds like it's too close for comfort. and I will keep good thoughts of you and your family in mind :) I am so beyond excited for your marathon and can't wait to see the results! Good Luck!

  11. the heat really is no joke when running a full, it can creep up on you at the least expected moment so it's great that you are willing to be flexible. 8 gus could come in never know ;)

  12. I am so excited for you and can't wait to read your race report!!! Go rock it!

  13. it's almost here, so excited for you! you're going to rock it christy!! enjoy it!

  14. 1. I am praying for rain for you in Montana! I hope the fires are contained soon!
    2. Have a great Marathon, my wife always makes fun of me for overpacking, but she does admit she always unprepared and I am always prepared!
    3. Bary Yasso told me in Chicago in 2010 to to slow my goal by 30 minutes as the temps were predicted to top out at 95. I didn't listen and took out at a 3:20 pace which I held for 18 miles and tanked. Had I listened to him I would have had a better run I am convinced and still could have ran a 3:45 to 3:50. At 55 it is still live and learn
    4. Wear your finishers medal with pride and smile BIG!

  15. Praying for rain for you and us also!!! We had a good lightening storm the other night, thankfully, this one was followed by 15 minutes of rain, which was just enough to put of the fires that the lightening started. All around my house....uhhh!!! We didnt do fireworks either and no shooting for us either.....pretty sure we live parallel lives!!!
    Good luck on the race, cant wait to hear about it!

  16. Stupid fires! I'm so sorry to hear about that big one. Colorado is a tinderbox, too, and we're now getting smoke from some fires up in Wyoming. Isn't winter going to feel great?

    I'm so excited for your race. I promise I'll actually get my lazy butt on Twitter so I can see updates as soon as you're done. You are being really smart with the hydration belt and adjusting your expectations. We are supposed to get rain and cooler temps here this weekend, so I will pray that is the case for Missoula too. GOOD LUCK! You have lots of people all over the whole country rooting for you!

  17. All these fires are so scary. One came within a mile of my parents home in New Mexico a few weeks ago. It's really been an awful fire season.

    On a happier note! BEST of LUCK! I know it will be hot, but you will still get through it! Take it easy and stay hydrated, but remember to have fun!!

  18. We'll hold down the fire front! Pace are going to rock it!

  19. it is HERE! marathon day !! wow!! you will do great I know it
    I cannot wait to read all about it!
    good luck!
    I will be thinking of you!


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