Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Motivation: Winter is Coming

If you watch Game of Thrones or better yet have read the books, (because they are so much more excellent than the movie) the phrase "winter is coming" makes you think of so much more than just winter being on the way. 

(totally a side note, but do you ever look at a word and even though you have seen it, used it and wrote a thousand times, suddenly it looks strange and wrong and sounds weird?  That just happened to me with winter.  I mean look at the word  winter.  Looks similar to winky. )

Wow is this post about anything yet?.. 

Oh yeah what is motivating me on this Monday morning, winter is coming.  Right now however the weather is slightly chilly but great for fall running.  I intend to get out and run every chance I get before the artic air makes it's way south and we have subzero temps for what feels like months.

I am throwing on a running skirt every chance I get.  It was 40 degrees yesterday when I set out on my run, which is where I draw the line for skirts, especially when it is a little breezy and the sun is hiding behind the clouds. It was a little chilly at first, but once I got warmed up, it was perfect.

About a mile into the run I got a "niggle" in my right knee so I stopped to walk and have a mini photo shoot.

  It worked.  Niggle gone.  I love how bright my green running vest is. I feel so visible, and not at all to be confused with a deer since it is hunting season still.  6.3 miles and it felt uphill all the way.

\What is making you get out there today?
What temp is your cutoff for shorts or skirts?


  1. You are definitely not going to be confused with a deer in that vest. I love it.

    It's feeling pretty arctic around here lately, but nothing like what you deal with (and still run in!).

  2. Great pics! My temp cut off is 40 degrees. Then I wear capris until I can't handle it anymore!

  3. I went the entire winter a few years ago doing a "no pants challenge" I actually made it through, but it was brutal, and probably stupid... I mean when the temps are in single digits, ya gotta cover up!! I just love running in shorts! I

  4. I am a wimp. 55 deg is my cut off for running in shorts. I'd rather be a little warm than cold while running. And so, I've been doing all my runs in my capri running skirts. perfect!

  5. Love the cute photos:) Glad the "niggle" went away fast!

  6. No way would I ever confuse you with a deer :). I still wear capris/shorts when it is in the 40's. Once it gets into the 30's, I wear lightweight tights... and so on.
    The other day I couldn't remember what the word "neck" even meant. It completely lost all meaning for me and took me quite a while for that brain fart to end. I am clearly getting old ;)

  7. Love the bright colors! I always wear running capris or tights. I only own 1 pair of running shorts and one running skirt. Crazy I know:) It's the top half that gets switched up with weather changes. Tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, jacket(rarely). Glad your knee felt better after the break:)

  8. It's been *gorgeous* here too, almost scarily so for November. I know it could turn at any time, so I'm taking advantage too. It's so much easier to get out on the dark mornings when I don't have to bundle up quite so much (still have to wear capris and a jacket at that hour, but not tights yet!). I'm hoping this good fortune right now doesn't mean terrible weather for my race. :^)

  9. Usually 40 degrees is my cutoff too, but that is only if I have on compression socks, then I have to wear capris.

  10. That bright green is a wonderful VISUAL color. I am always commenting on it when we see bikers and runners around town wearing it - and now see stripes of it that shine in the dark, too... yup, winky :) is coming!

  11. Okay, what is Game of Thrones about??? I have heard about the books, but got a sample on my kindle and couldn't get through the first couple of pages. Am I missing something?


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