Wednesday, May 1, 2013

kind of over cold weather and how Rocky ended life number 2.

It has been over 72 hours since I got done running Peaks to Prairie and I still have stiff sore legs. Running down a hill for over 9 miles is nothing to laugh at. Every time at work I would have to bend down to pick something up off the floor I would just cringe. 

Monday I ran an "easy" four miles.  I was thinking after the first quarter of a mile that I might just turn around and go home, but I warme up after a bit and it felt good to shake it out a little. It took me nearly 40 mintues to do the 4 miles.  I did laugh about that, what a difference from Sunday when it took me less than 28 minutes to do the first four miles of the race.

Monday I was also insatiably HUNGRY.  I didn't feel like I could eat enough food.  Especially salty food.  I craved potato chips, sadly I didn't have any in the house to eat.  I did eat an entire jar of pickles, several of them I ate wrapped in cheese. 

Thankfully Tuesay my appetite returned to normal.

It is cold out again this morning.  Kind of over that.  I want to be at least a little warm, not hot.  It just seems like we haven't had very many super awesome spring days and it is May 1.  I woke up to it being 26 degrees outside this morning.

I have put on a few pounds this winter... not sure really what to think about it.  I was worried the extra weight would slow down my running, but it hasn't appeared to have that effect.  My 5k a couple of weeks ago was 10 seconds away from a PR and my race Sunday was faster than I did it last year when I was 7 pounds ligher.

Not sure what approach to take with the weight gain.  I had lost several pounds in January when I did a month of Paleo eating.  all the weight I have gained has been since then so if I cound the weight I regained from January I have gained more like 10 pounds.  WTF.  I don't eat any different.  At least I don't think I do.  Is this some weird rebound effect from trying Paleo?

I do think some of it is muscle since I have been SO GOOD about doing strength training since January, but I don't think it all is.  I hate to whine about weight, but this is my blog.

Remember this little guy that I rescued last August and bottle fed, got up nights to bottle feed and help poop and pee?

Rocky Ballerina Windsheild One-Dot aka Puddy

who helped nurse Cola after he got hit by a truck last fall and broke his pelvis?

He somehow got ran over by my husband, who felt awful, and it ripped all the fur off his abdomen, broke some ribs, and I think his hip/pelvis/leg on one side were pretty messed up.  I thought he was going to die. 

But nearly three weeks later he is doing good.  He walks with a bit of a limp, but other than that there don't seem to be any lasting effect.  I guess that means he is on his third life now since his mom left him for dead and he got ran over by a truck. 


  1. Poor Puddy!!! Glad he's on the mend!
    I'm carrying the exact same weight around. I hate to diet. I know I can do it and knock it out within a month ... but ugh ... I just don't want to.

  2. Hmm gee I wish I had some advice on the pounds/diet.. I never lost weight while running. Had back surgery did nothing but walk and lost almost ten pounds. Go figure

  3. Poor Rocky! Glad he's doing better!

    As for the weight gain, if it's not affecting your running AND you've gained muscle mass, is it worrisome? Did you do your measurements recently at all? I'm not downplaying your concern, at all. Please know that! I'm just saying, could it be muscle being that you're faster?

    On Saturday I swam for forty minutes and then followed it up with 18 holes of frisbee golf---on an empty tank. On Sunday I was VORACIOUS! I could NOT get enough food. It was nuts. And scary. I've never had that happen before...


  4. Poor Rocky!! The animals in your life are pretty resilient! I'm glad he's doing better!!

  5. Poor Rocky! So happy to hear he is doing better! Is Cola nursing him back to health?

    Maybe the weight gain was muscle? I have no experience with changing my diet like you did. I love all the foods too much to do away with some of them :)

    Mmmm all the pickles & cheese wrapped pickles! That usually cures my voracious appetite post long hard run. You really kicked some butt out there!!

  6. Glad to hear Rocky's feeling better.
    Pickles wrapped in cheese, I never tried that one before. After my 20 mile training run last weekend I did "go to town" on a bag of beef jerky. That seemed to calm the fires for whatever I was lacking.

  7. Rocky is a trooper:) I am the same way about my weight. Ended up losing about 5 in my Dietbet challenge, but want to lose 4-5 more. I have been strength training more too which may have added a couple pounds. Hate to complain too much about it since I know it's not a lot, but it still bothers me:/

  8. Poor Rocky! How in the world did he survive that one? I am glad that he is doing okay though.I am sure that any weight that you may have gained is pure muscle! I usually gain 5 pounds during marathon training because I always feel hungry!

  9. Poor little Rocky! No advice on the weight - I gained 5 in these past winter months and they just don't want to leave me :(

  10. Poor Rocky! Give him a little hug from me. He is a tough little fella!

  11. Aww Rocky! Poor little guy! I have no advice on the weight gain. I tapered for a long time, right when I was happy with a weight loss and I think I put some of it back on-which doesn't feel good. I'm just focusing on more veggies and watching calories while I finish my race recovery for this week.

  12. oh my goodness- poor Rocky! That little cat is one resilient animal!

  13. Aww Rocky, thank goodness cats have nine lives!
    Apparently muscle is heavier than fat so it could easily be all muscle. As long as all your running clothes still fit!

  14. OMG! Rocky. I am so glad he is okay.

    I don't think the weight gain is a result of a rebound from Paleo. But I don't know anything else other than we gain when we eat more calories than we burn. But you already know that! :)

  15. Very interesting about the weight gain. Not sure what's going on!
    Your babies! Oh my goodness!! So glad your puppy is ok!

  16. Poor kitty! Man, your animals are totally strong!! I think your extra weight is probably exactly what you said, a combo of extra muscle mass and a Paleo rebound.

  17. Poor kitty! I'm glad he's doing better.


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