Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. This summer in keeping up with how winter was, is cooler than normal. I am not complaining!  The wheat fields are starting to turn and are so beautiful.
They are so peaceful to drive through and especially run through.
Sadly we are supposed to get back into the 90s again and hit 99 on Saturday. It is making it easy for me to say no to a local half marathon on Sunday that only costs $20. It was also the first one I ever did, starts at 7 and always seems hot. I nearly heat stroked the first time I did it.  It's just tempting when there is a local half.

2. I did my first run today since the half on Sunday. It felt pretty good, my calves still feel pretty tight, but everything else feels raring to go, which makes the half this weekend even more tempting.

Random sunflower and butterfly picture

3. My kids want to do a 2 mile race in August. I told them I would do it with them, but I wouldn't sign them up unless they trained for it and could run a mile and a half. They have been running a half a mile in the mornings and we are going to kick it up this weekend to a mile.

They have been busy crosstraining helping their dad build fence.
What is the hottest half or full you have done?  Pretty sure it hit the 100s the day I ran my first half, it of course wasn't that hot in the morning for the race but it felt like it by the time I was done.


  1. Oh mercy - I think its so dangerous having half marathons during the summer. Be careful if you do it... & don't feel bad if you don't

    Those wheat fields are BEAUTIFUL!!! & the sunflower & butterfly? You're just making nature look amazing!

  2. The wheat fields are beautiful! So glad y'all are getting a break from the heat. I love that your kids are running, too! I know they are going to enjoy the race!! :)

  3. that first picture looks fake - wow

  4. Incredibly beautiful! Wow!!!!

    I nominated you for a very inspiring blogger....

  5. Beautiful picture! It would be hard to pass up a cheap and local half….but it will be really hot, it's too bad it doesn't start at 6:00.

  6. It is SO beautiful where you are (well, duh, it's Montana!). Lucky you!

  7. as always, your photos amaze me!
    Here in the south (and when i've raced in the midwest) the humidity is what really makes it difficult. 3 years ago I was running the Go! St Louis 1/2 in APRIL and it was a fluke 94 degrees. The marathoners were diverted to the half if they didn't reach mile 10 by a certain point for safety reasons. continuous hills + heat / humidity that came early + eating sauerkrat the day before = several bouts of diarrhea and 1 bout of vomitting. That was one of my slowest times of 2:15.

  8. Love the flower pic! 7 is WAY TOO LATE to start a race in the summer. I say that every time I run one. I didn't realize the race I am doing next weekend didn't start until EIGHT and I asked if there was an early start option because of the heat and they told me now. THE FORECAST IS 92 DEGREES. I haven't run this particular race before but I've run sections of the course and there is NO SHADE. Plus, I'm slow.


    Probably a good call on skipping, even though it's cheap!

  9. Wow, I can't imagine running a half in the 90's. Or even the 80's for that matter!! Even for $20 in my backyard. I suppose you are more used to the heat than we are but still!

    Love the fence picture. I remember helping my grandpa on the farm--such great memories those were!! I love that your kids are training for the race!

  10. As always, your pictures are completely amazing. I can see why you love it so much!

    I think my first half was also my hottest. I don't know what the temp was, but it was Chicago in August and I threw up about 6 times after I finished. Lovely.

  11. I love how they are training for their race! I can't think of a really hot full or half but I did a 50k where it was in the 90s and Kara had to drop from heat stroke so, yeah, that was pretty fun.

  12. Awesome that your kids are training for a race--big high-five to them. I just came back from a 14 mile run in 72 degree weather and almost died from the heat, lol. That's what happens when you live in Alaska. Can't wait to hear if you ran the race. Cheers and happy running.

  13. It's been unusually cool here this summer, too. Since we don't have air conditioning, I am certainly not complaining! It's supposed to be close to 100 this week, though, ick.

  14. Such beautiful scenery! I can't imagine running through that :) great pics!


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