Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half Planning, Goals, Strategy, etc

It is so exciting to be so close to another half marathon finally and feeling so good too. 10 days to go. 

According to a pace calculator app that I have on my phone, based off of my 10k time from 3 weeks ago it says I should be able to run a half marathon in 1:41:42 which is a pace of 7:46.    I feel like I could do this.  With that being said I am going to set some goals.

  • A goal is to come in under 1:40 which would be an average pace of 7:38
  • B goal is to come in around 1:41:42 like predicted
  • C goal is to come in under 1:45 which would be a 8:01 pace
  • D goal is to finish under 2 hours  (seriously the wheels would have to fall off the bus for this not too happen, but I felt like I needed to add one more goal just in case I had issues.
Plan is to start the race at about a 7:50 - 8:00 pace and reassess after the first couple miles.  I like to start half marathons out slower than goal pace and work up to it and finish just under goal pace.

I will wear my hydration belt, I run with it all the time, it doesn't bug me and I like to have hydration when I want it.  I am also guessing there will be no Cocogo on the course and that is what I am used to.   I plan to use a Humagel once around 50 minutes into the race.

I haven't decided which shoes I am going to wear and am stressing about that a little.  I have two pairs I am waffling between.  I LIKE them both but do not LOVE either.   Clearly I need some new shoes, but not now.  I need to wear some more out first.  #somanyshoes

I think I have my outfit figured out, except for what color of socks I am going to wear.  Maybe I will take a poll on it later in the week just for fun.

The weather here has been AMAZING, tons of days in the high 60s and 70s. so nice.  but July is going to be making it's presence known by throwing out the 80s and skipping straight to the 90s.  Boo July, and you wonder why I don't like you.

I got in an awesome run after work yesterday, I ran four fast miles because I thought I only had half an hour before my sis showed up with the kids.  It felt so good.  It might be awhile before I get to do that again. I don't run in the 90s for very far. Too bloody hot.

Then since I was all pumped up I did sets of pullups, box jumps and pushups in between chopping veggies for supper.

What is your half strategy? 


  1. I had a half strategy last week....then bronchitis kicked my butt! :) BUT, I do always put in a plan. I do believe you will rock this race!!!

  2. Good luck! Bummer not having shoes you LOVE. I've never done a half. Only 5k's and one marathon. I need to hit the in-between distances, lol.

  3. Sounds like you are going to rock this race!

  4. Sounds like you have a good strategy. Good luck!

  5. I think you will hit your A Goal after that great 4 mile run! I haven't raced a half in a long time but the last one I ran I was able to finish it strong with the last three miles under goal pace. Good luck! I am with you on the hydration belt. I have to have my water when I need it!

  6. I love that you got in a workout amid chopping veggies. You'll rock this race. I can't wait to read about it, especially since the full is one that's been on my "maybe" list for a while!

  7. Great plan! I hope the weather stays cool and you blow the doors off your goal time.

  8. Good luck - sounds like you've got a good plan!

  9. Ooh! Go with the calculator to mile 9, then kick it up a notch! You've got this :)

  10. I'm getting excited for you! I'm sure your A goal is achievable, since you manage to do a workout while cooking supper!
    I like my water handy too, because I hate being thirsty! I ran my half with a small handheld and it was just enough to keep me happy between water stations.

  11. I love your goals and can't wait to see what you do! I can't believe your temps are jumping straight up to the 90s - ouch! Good luck! I like to run with my own water too.

  12. So you only drink Cocogo on your long runs? No water? No wonder I was so salt depleted...

  13. heat / humidity always gets me. Its amazing how my pace instantly drops any time we get a brief break in our temps.
    So excited for you to rock the 1/2, its been far too long- welcome back :)

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