Thursday, July 31, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Running is going pretty good.  I haven't been following much of a schedule, just trying to throw in a long run, a speed work type run, and an easy run and maybe some hill work.  I do feel like my motivation is a little harder to come by these days.  Another bear has been spotted on the ranch.  Happily not by me while I was out running, but yikes!

2.  I have been wanting to ride in the combine with my Dad since I say them start combining last week, but it didn't work out until today. YAY!  I just find something so peaceful about watching the field get harvested bit by bit.  So satisfying to see another year of hard work for my Dad and brother come full circle.  I love running by the fields and watching their progress as they get planted, grow and then harvested.

It's a big green tractor!

My Dad's dog Roscoe rides along too, and sometimes he runs around outside for while until he gets tired.

My daughter rode in the red combine with my brother and her cousin for awhile

and off they go without me.  The kids get bored a lot faster than I do in the combines.  I spent a lot of time in them when I was younger, a lot of that time was spent sleeping on the floor of the combine.

My son and his friend played in the creek while I rode in the combine, here they are trying to show off a slug they found.
I also thought this picture of the contrast between a wheat field and a safflower field was neat.
3.  While I have had this week off of work, I don't feel like I have been as productive as I thought I was going to be, but I did get the carpets in the living room and my bedroom shampooed.  Living close to a dirt road means a lot of dirt in the house.  I will just leave it that the carpets look a lot better and I was a little grossed out about how much dirt came out of them.  You are welcome for not showing the gross mud water I ended up with.

How often do you shampoo your carpets?  I try to every three months, but sometimes it ends up being every 6 months.  Life is busy.

Do you find your motivation flagging in this hot weather?  I do.


  1. I love that photo of the sunflower hitting the wheat field!

  2. Beautiful shots!! The boys are sooo funny. We have lots of slugs around here. Oregon is the slug capital I think.
    Be careful for the bears! Not something I want to tangle with on a run.

  3. Now I have Kenny Chesney's big green tractor in my head. Ha.

  4. Lovely summer pics! I used to love going in the header (as we call combines here) with Dad, and taking him morning and afternoon tea out in the paddock :) I can smell the freshly cut wheat to this day.
    I'm lucky, we don't have carpet! But polishing floorboards is probably my equivalent...
    Hopefully that is the last of the bear sightings!

  5. Some of my favorite memories are of riding in the tractor with my dad! I remember thinking I was SO COOL when he'd let me sit in his lap and drive. :)

  6. I've never even seen a combine up close!! I love the concrete measures of time you have: plant, grow, harvest. So cool. Look out for that bear and keep on running. It's hard in the summer heat, but you'll find your motivation again

  7. I've had all summer off work and managed to do essentially nothing productive. I actually feel I'm more productive when I'm on a schedule. No regrets though. This summer has been the most wonderful thing ever.

  8. Love these images! I got to ride a combine last fall during corn harvest and it was so much fun! It was actually very relaxing.

  9. Your pictures really are amazing. What a beautiful area!

  10. High temperatures definitely are bad for motivation. But also for running itself. It's hard to run when it's so hot outside.


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