Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random things from the Missoula Marathon

I picked up this great arm band at the Runner's Edge running store in Missoula.
The one I was using had bad Velcro and I wasn't a big of anyway.  This one is amazing in comparison.
It was my first time in the store. Seemed like a great store with everything a runner could want, my only complaint is if you came in in Monday after the race you could get 20% off in the store. Why not get it Saturday before the race of you show your race bib. Boo.

I picked up these two headbands at the expo. One for me and a sparkly one for my daughter.

I also met part of the Omnibar team at their booth. Last year they sent some Omnibars with is on our Ragnar relay in Colorado. We thanked them, talked about possible flavors for their new bars, and they agreed to send us some more for Ragnar Napa.  Yay! 

I had a hard time deciding what shoes to wear for the half. It was between these.
my daughter could not resist putting her toe in there

I went with the Asics and other than a hot spot on my left big toe, they worked out fine. I did decide I need more Altras.  I have a pair in rotation right now, but for some reason I decided to try a size smaller and while they work great for shorter runs, longer runs cause some toe rubbing.

I picked up two audiobooks from the library before I left. I listened to the first disc on one and was sad when the second disc was too scratched up to play, as was the third. I didn't even try the fourth or fifth. I didn't want to start the other audiobook too soon as I wanted it for the long drive home so I listened to podcasts for most of the drive over. I timed it perfect as the second audiobook ended just as I turned in my driveway. Yay!!!

Billie Jo and I had several people ask us what Team Beef is all about which is fun and I love talking about it with people. We are clearly both very passionate about it and grateful to be able to run for something we love so much.

As I was wondering what I should tackle next Billie Jo texted me about running another half in September two weeks before we go to Napa. Hmmm.  

I  have to admit I want to, gives me motivation to work on speed training and strength training. I would love to do another half this year and try to beat my time from Missoula. 

I am going to take it easy this week and then figure it out.


  1. You did some good shopping! I'll be the headband looks great in your red hair. And love the idea of a half in Napa--you should go for it.

  2. Love the sparkly headband! I would want that one. I think I'm immature in my headband choices. LOL I still like sparkles! Oddly I hated sparkly/girly stuff as a kid so maybe I am just now working that out. :D

    Good luck on your half decision. I don't think there's a wrong answer there! :)

  3. I just read your Missoula report ... great job! Missoula was one of my favorite races so far ... so awesome there!


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