Tuesday, August 18, 2015

End of Summer Fun and Running

4 and a half weeks until my next half marathon.  I know that I could go out and run one right now as I have already done several 12 mile runs, I just really feel like I have skimped on speed work.   I meant to follow more of a plan, but somehow never got around to hunting down the plan I followed the last training cycle.

A little bit I feel like life has been busy, but a little bit it was just being lazy too.  The plan I followed last time was a tough one and really pushed me.  I think I just didn't feel like pushing so hard when it is so hot out.

Although lucky for us a cold front has blown in and we hit a high of 63 yesterday....awesome!  We took advantage of the weather and went for a hike.  We all wore our boots to avoid filling up our shoes with cheat grass seeds.

These rocks really make for endless fun exploring, fort building and imaginations.  I love that my kids love them as much as I did when I was growing up.

I also got in a run in the morning of course and for the first time in months wore sleeves.  The air had a fall like chill to it and I loved it.  I think Cola did too.  See him in the top middle picture below, he often runs in front of me and turns around to look at me like that.  I think it is his way of saying "Isn't this great!?"

Also do you notice how my shoes match my shorts? Certainly not a requirement, but it does really complete an outfit!  InknBurn is killing my budget lately for things other than running clothes.  They keep coming out with fun new designs that I think I have to have.  Lucky for me I could pass on their Halloween pre-order as I don't usually do Halloween runs.

My daughter has caught on to my InknBurn addiction and now she talks about how cool it is too.  I pre-ordered her a pair of robot capris so we can be matchy matchy.  She is so excited!

It rained yesterday afternoon so the kids and I lay down on the floor together and listened to it for awhile, then we got silly and took a bunch of selfies while we listened to the rain.
The thunder was so loud at one point that my son could have sworn someone was pounding on the roof!  They go back to school in one week!  Summer is almost over.


  1. I don't know if I'm ready for 63 degrees but I bet it felt good to run in!

  2. I love love love fall running! Send some my way!

  3. Love Cola's "isn't this great?!" look!

  4. <3 Such a fun read! And love the pics too!

  5. I love your posts! I love all the awesome time you spend with your family and that you can all share in love of the place where you live! You're killin' it with that InkNBurn stuff, too!!!

  6. When my dog looks back at me, I think it's more "are you coming, or not?" The summer seemed to fly by. Your kids will have wonderful memories of the time you spent with them!

  7. I can't wait for a morning where I can wear SLEEVES. Bring on FALL :)
    I think you'll surprise yourself with the half.
    My kids go back on the 31st. They're pretty excited!


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