Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. As I was running yesterday I kept noticing all these purple flowers in the ditch that seemed to match my shirt so I gave in to temptation and tried to get a picture with them.  It was harder than I thought since they were short and I didn't want to pick them.  My dog wondered what the hay I was doing sitting in the ditch and kept trying to give me kisses.
Not a bad picture of me and my little pooch, but doesn't quite do what I wanted it to.

2. Yesterday was long run day... and I worked at keeping my pace SLOW. So hard sometimes, but I had a pretty good speed workout the day before so it was easier than normal. My goal is close to 9 minute miles.

3.  My sister in law sent me this after staying with her family for a couple days.  I am a morning person, she sleeps in a little more usually.  Of course you could reverse it, I think it is torture to stay up until 10pm.
4. (oops)(Three things Thursday, four things, whatever, it's my blog) I haven't had my hair trimmed since February.  I could never have a high maintenance hair cut. I have an appointment on the first day of school! so ready for a trim.  This is the longest my hair has been in a long time.

The other exciting thing is the gal who is cutting it used to be my hairdresser 14 years ago, but then she got married and moved and I have been drifting a lot since then.  I found Carol again, she is back. I hope she is as good as I remember!

I hated my last hair cut although it didn't grow out too bad, so this next one surely has to be better.


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