Sunday, August 23, 2015

Race, no race

Race day started out pretty normal...

Pre-race thoughts
  • its going to be really windy
  • but at least it won't be hot
  • that 700 ft climb well over halfway into the race is going to kick my butt
  • I have already run 28.6 miles this week this will put me at 37.1 miles
  • toying with running with no music
I took a flat me picture the night before,
I got drove in to the race and intended to get there a little early to get good parking and use the porta potties, plus I wasn't completely sure where I was going to be parking so I wanted time to scope it out.

No one was there when I got there.  I start to wonder if I have the right day, so I check their Facebook page and after quickly scrolling see Saturday the 22, so I decided I must be parking in the wrong spot and off I go.  Nothing.  So maybe since it is so windy everyone is waiting until closer to the race to show up?

No one. Finally I see one other lost person. We scroll through Facebook again.  Volunteers show up Saturday, racers on Sunday. We were there the wrong day.

UGH.  I already had plans for Sunday.  I made the Sunday plans because I thought the race was Saturday.   I went grocery shopping and home instead.

In the category of stuff you can't make up.. I was driving home from work Friday and managed to drive right over a 5 gallon bucket that someone had dropped in the road.  It, of course, got wedged under my car and started making a terrible noise.

I quickly pulled over into a parking lot, which conveniently happened to be the parking lot where my sister works and went in to look for some good man help.  As luck would have it, a nice young man was standing right at the desk and he was able to get out the bucket with a bit of maneuvering.

Yay!  Reminded me a bit of when we were driving home from vacation a couple weeks ago and a tire on my car blew out on the interstate.  A quarter mile from the exit where there was a tire shop.  We put the spare on my car and I ended up coming home from vacation with four new tires. I love it when little problems work out easily.

I have to admit I am super bummed about missing the race, but since I already had a plan for Sunday I decided to skip the race.  There are always more races, I really hope it works out to run the Warrior Run next year, it looks like a really awesome run,

and we still haven't found the toad that is on the loose in the house,  We thought maybe we heard it, but it turned out to be my son playing a game on the iPad.


  1. Oh man, that's too bad about the race! Sounds like it was confusing, tho. I do love your shorts!

  2. Oh boy!!!! That's a whoopsie! i bbet you rock those shorts. They are cute. hope you had fun on Sunday :-(

  3. Oh bummer, but not so much of a bummer.

  4. Oh man...that had to be so weird no one showing up on what you thought was race day.
    Did you ever find out why the other person got confused too - same reason? Well, you weren't alone :)


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