Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sole Sister Virtual Run and Practising Safe Selfies with Bison

Gone for A Run is having another fun virtual run that I will be participating in called the Sole Sister Run.  It is a 7 mile run. 7 miles is one of my favorite distances to run.  This one will take place August 28-30 and isn't sold out yet, but you can bet it will!  So far all of their virtual runs have.

 When you register you are sent your race packet which contains a tank, medal, bib and shoe charm.
I think the medal is the best of the series so far. and so pretty!

and it comes with a Sole Sister shoe charm.

  • Virtual race will be held August 28th-30th
  • Virtual race packet includes race shirt (either a Women's Everyday Tee or Unisex Lifestyle Tee), gorgeous finisher medal, real bib (no downloads!)
  • Must order by August 18th to guarantee on time packet arrival
  • You also have the options to order wineglasses, bracelets and magnets.
SO if you haven't already and want to get signed up soon!

I went on vacation with the family recently and one of the places we visited was the National Bison Range.  In the visitors center they had a stuffed bison so we took a picture with it there.  That way we wouldn't end up in the news like so many idiots that go to Yellowstone National Park and want pictures with bison.

Later we met this guy. I think he really wanted to cross the cattle/bison guard and meet us.  He seemed like a friendly fellow after all.
Despite my husband's objections, I took a safe selfie with the bison. 

 How many virtual runs have you done this year?  This will be the 4th one I have signed up for!

Are you the kind of tourist that wants to pet the bison?  Not me! 
 PS I finally have internet again!  Three weeks without it was a long time!  What is the longest you have gone without it lately?


  1. My sister is visiting that weekend and the Sole Sister race would be a perfect thing to do with her! That is such a cute medal too! And, I've never done a virtual race. I can pass on getting near the bison.

  2. Awesome photos! And thank you for setting the example of a safe bison selfie!! I am pretty sure I'm going to sign up for the Run Now Beer Later Virtual Run that Gone For A Run is doing in October. I love the t-shirt and the fact that the medal is also a beer opener. And, you know, I do love beer... :) Cheers! And welcome back to the magical land of the internet...

  3. Awesome swag for a virtual race!

    If Bison are anything like the Cape Buffalo we have down here, I'l steer clear, thanks... ;)

  4. ok that needs to be the title of yer memoir!

  5. Of course when you see a Bison, a selfie is needed - duh :)

  6. I have this weird obsession with bison. I think they are magical creatures and I am so amazed at how resourceful they were to Native Americans. I would be the person that would want to pet one, but would settle for a selfie. I've never done a virtual race. I'm going to check into that!


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