Friday, August 28, 2015

INKnBURN: From Admirer to Addict to Ambassador

Earlier this spring I went in search of a pair of shorts to go with my Team Beef tank.  I was tired of wearing plain black and wanted something that would pop a little more,  have some fun to it.  I had worn a red sparkle skirt a lot last year and was just ready for something a little different.

I found two options I really liked one was by INKnBURN and the other by New Balance. I hadn't tried either before and it's a little scary ordering online so I tabled it for awhile, but then I kept seeing Inknburn on another blogger I follow and she was very encouraging about how much she loved it.

I ended up ordering a pair of denim Inknburn shorts.  Rebecca was so right when she told me I wouldn't regret it.  I loved them. It wasn't long before I ordered another pair. and another pair.  They all went with my Beef tank!
Team Beef Montana girls and our INKnBURN shorts at Ragnar Northwest Passage

But then I caved and ordered a tank.  Then a cami and a pair of tights.  Before I knew it that was all I was running in. It was all I wanted to run in. All my other things are getting neglected so I sold off a bunch of running skirts and shorts to buy more INKnBURN things.

So when the announcement came out they were taking applications for ambassadors I applied and Tuesday I got this email.
Dear Christy, 

Thank you so much for applying to be an INKnBURN Ambassador. We'd like to extend our congratulations and offer you a much sought-after spot in our Ambassador Program!
I of course accepted!

INKnBURN is a small company and they make all of their clothes in the USA.  They make unique, fun products that are high quality.  And they are not mass produced, which means if you see something you like, you better get it because once they sell out, they are gone!

New designs are released fairly often and sometimes they  do pre-orders like they did with the Halloween designs. So, if you go to the website and don't see anything you like in your size, check back often for new designs.

They clothes are tested on ultra runners, so you know that if they can run in them for 50-100 miles and love them, then the clothes are great for shorter distances for sure!

Let's look at some of their new line Metamorphosis
It's so pretty, and unique, right?!  The colors really pop and when you get these in the mail, it's so amazing how much more detailed they are in real life.

So when all do I wear my INKnBURN?  For running
and yoga
more running, but also cross training, elliptical, rowing machine, HIIT training, etc
traveling in comfort
every day wear.
and now I get to do what I was basically already doing, tell people and show people how much I love INKnBURN and I am an official ambassador too.  In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing their clothes and telling you my favorite things about each style.


  1. Well done, congrats on becoming an Ink n Burn ambasador. I'm really looking forward to getting a pair of shorts some day however I'm determined that I need to drop a few lbs first because I don't want to get a pair and then find that by next year they no longer fit because I ran the weight off. I just have to trust that the right pair will still be there when I'm ready :)

  2. Congrats!!!! I do love their stuff. It's so unique!

  3. Congrats! I've never paid much attention to their stuff but I really love all the colors you have in that photo. I'm so tired of BLACK capris and shorts; I'll check 'em out. Thanks!

    1. That was where I was at too, no more boring black, I want color and I want it bright!

    They look great on you.


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