Monday, April 25, 2016

Another week is in the books

Sunday.  I was really only planning on running 5 miles, but it all felt so good, my legs, the weather, the sunshine that I added an extra 1.2.  I believe this was also a yoga session morning.

Monday. A HIIT workout in the morning before work.

Tuesday was grey, rainy and as it turned out perfect for a super hilly long run.

Some pictures from the Instagram yoga challenge I am participating in.  I was super excited about getting firefly (top left corner picture)

Wednesday was a work day and I did a 20 minute HIIT in the morning.

Thursday presented itself with beautiful weather and I couldn't wait to get out and run. My legs however were so tired! All the ump lunges and the long run from earlier in the week wore them out I guess. It was still a good run and nice to be outside in the sunshine.

Saturday was grey and overcast in the morning but I got in a good run with some intervals

and then we helped our neighbors move their cows down the road to summer pasture. The kids had their saddlebags packed full of snacks

and it was a good thing since it took twice as long as it normally did to get the cows where they needed to go. They just didn't want to move! The weather was great for it and the rains that were supposed to show up late afternoon never did so that was lucky. It was have really made for a miserable ride.

Once we got them to pasture we have to let them "mother up" as in no cows or calves can leave the bunch unless it is a mom/baby pair. This makes sure that moms and babies know that each other both made it to the destination and tells us if any cows or calves got left behind.  Unhappy cows or calves will try to run back to where they last saw each other.

and more yoga challenge poses.

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  1. awesome! I aspire to be as good at yoga as you are... !!! :)

  2. Love seeing your yoga photos! It motivates me to try to get back to my practice. I've been slacking lately! Love hearing about your farming adventures - so neat! Have a great week, Christy! -C

  3. Sounds like a good week! Super job on your yoga challenge! The pics are great!

  4. Great job on the yoga challenge.
    Love the pictures. It shows the beauty and vastness of the place.

  5. Those yoga pictures are very beautiful and inspiring. So is your pace! Cowgirl's red boots are super cute! Why is Cola missing from so many pictures this time? Usually, he is right beside you. I enjoy how you always teach us something about ranch life. Now I know what "mother up" means. Thanks for linking with us Christy!

  6. I love that picture of you and your dog!! Those cowgirl boots are too cute!!!

  7. I'm so dang jealous you live out on a ranch and can do this everyday! I know it's a lot of work but how lucky your kids are growing up in this.
    Great job on the yoga poses. I suck at yoga. I love the picture of you and Cola! How very sweet, I so get this. :)


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