Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goings on in my world: yoga, cows, kids, running, spring

IOther than a race report I have been rather silent for nearly a month. Although if you follow me on Instagram you have seen me there still running, doing some yoga challenges and keeping up with the kids.  Life is good.

1. Currently doing the #YogaForGrowth yoga challenge.  It has a lot of easier moves mixed in with some more challenging ones. I consider myself a sort of begginner intermediate yogi, I can do some of the harder moves, but I lack a lot of the flexibility too.  Either way the challenges on Instagram are fun to do.

2. The kids have been taking advantage of the nice weather and getting in lots of outside play time and time on their horses.

3. The world is greening up and it is beautiful. Calving is in full swing for the older cows and so my husband is riding and tagging calves every day. Thankfully night calving is over (night calving is getting up every couple hours to check on the first time cow mamas to help them if they need it with their delivery) (sometimes it can be an all night no sleep kind of thing)(my husband, dad and brother take different shifts and every third night you have the night off)(you still have to work all day too. For my dad and brother that means feeding cows, farming, etc and for my husband fencing)(that is a lot of parenthesis).

At one point we had three bottle babies at our house, Two were twins and the mama cow only wanted one and the other just had a bad mom who kept kicking the snot out of him.  The little red guy in front in the picture below is the only one we still have. One got a mom (its her third mom!)and one went to a neighbor and in exchange they are going to raise some chicks for us and when they are grown we will get the chickens out of the deal.
Running is going good. I will be doing a 5 mile race in May and a 10k in June and maybe a couple more 5ks somewhere in there. I had originally planned to maybe do a half marathon in May, but decided to put it on the back burner. A half marathon will have to wait until September I guess. The whole back thing really messed up my spring running plans! I feel like I am just now getting back to plans.
I think my little dog is glad we are back to running again.   He likes getting out as much as I do.

Also Inknburn just released a fun new kit for spring. I have to admit I am in love with the bright colors and these shorts are awesome!

When was the last time your running plans got derailed?  How is spring where you are?


  1. I swear, I won't feel like I'm running Big Sur until I actually line up at the start. There have been so many potential derailers (is that a word?) during my training that it's amazing I'm still on track. If this were a local race, I probably wouldn't be running it!

  2. We're heading into winter now, but I guess it's our turn, right? ;)

    LOVE the umbrella top!

  3. I love those blue shorts! So pretty!

  4. Do the shorts fit pretty true to size? They are amazing!

  5. Sounds like things are going well with you and your family! So sorry about your de-railment and change of running plans! My last change in plans happened when my OB put a stop to my running/training plan back in December but I should be back on track soon! :)


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