Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Running in the Rain

I don't have a tread mill so if the weather conditions outside are less than ideal my options are

  • elliptical (which is okay but I don't like to do it very often and does not make me as happy as running, I prefer to save it for desperate situations like blizzards, thirty below zero, or hot weather. or when I am dealing with an injury)
  • rowing machine (good cross training, but something I don't like to do more than 20 minutes or more than once a week)
  • Cross training like yoga, and strength workout which I do anyway and are no replacement for running
I generally only run 4 days a week. It fits my schedule best and for the most part keeps me injury free so when I have a day off and there is a prospect of not being able to run I am not a happy girl.

Yesterday was cool and rainy, but thankfully not windy, once I got out running I wondered what had been my hold up waiting for the rain to stop. When I started running it was a light mist and varied during my run from misting to light drizzle,  It was 48 degrees out and felt amazing. 

I love the rain. I am a pluviophile. Rain makes me happy. It makes the world smell good, it makes the flowers bloom and the grasses grow.  Of course being a farmer's daughter I know the value of rain however I don't always like to run in the rain if it is cold out, so I procrastinated most of the day about running. 

The desire to get in a long run finally won out and I overdressed of course because I hate being cold. It didn't take me long to shed my rain jacket and gloves and love the run.

It's one of my favorite times of year, the world is turning green again. It feels like the green lasts such a short time I feel like I have to soak it in. I am constantly telling my kids to enjoy the beauty and aren't we lucky to live here.

I kicked up this little group of calves and this babysitter mama cow on my run.

One happy dog and one happy me!
What is your favorite thing about running in the rain?


  1. I just love your pictures. It looks so peaceful and beautiful! I don't mind running in the rain as long as it isn't a downpour. That can be a little painful!

  2. I love your pictures too! The one of youand Cola is sweet. Running in the rain is a favorite of mine. The first few hundred feet aren't always enjoyable, however once I'm acclimated and running it is enjoyable. I feel clean and refreshed and enjoy the most motoring through the puddles. Shoes and bodies will dry, the freedom of running in the rain never gets old to me.

  3. Great post! I don't mind running in rain either, especially if it's not windy. We had a rainy track meet last Thursday and it was really interesting to watch the difference between the kids who decided they weren't going to let rain bother them, and those who defeated themselves before their events even started because "it's raining." Naturally, attitudes dictated performances, and the ones who embraced the rain had a really great day. :)

  4. I love rainy runs. They invigorate me! (And the hot bath afterwards is also great... :) )

  5. Ah, love the pic of you and your sweet dog!! I didn't look that word up only because I used context clues. ;) Looks like a Portland kind of day... only in Portland, it would rain and rain and rain and rain and you'd never seen sun, only grey, for months on end so this kind of killed the rain love for me. Now that I'm in Bend, rain is few and far in between so a good spring rain shower is so much more enjoyable and cozy. And yes on the fresh! Running in the rain can be nice if it isn't raining hard. My last Boston 2015 it rained so hard and it was so cold that I'm surprised I didn't get hypothermia but usually running in the rain doesn't bother me if I warm up. Good job getting out there anyway! and I agree with you about the skiing (what you mentioned in your comment on my post)...yes!


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