Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. I woke up yesterday morning to a snowy world.  It was only 3 inches or so but it oddly made me happy. It was a heavy wet April snow and I knew it would be gone soon anyway.  I live up at a higher elevation than where I work so it is fun to drive a snow covered car into town where there is no snow and everyone wondering where you came from.

It's also been very cloudy and rainy. It rather makes me happy. I know it turns the world green and makes the grass grow. It makes the hay grow that feeds our cows and makes the crops grow that feed us.

It doesn't always make running fun out here as it turns my dirt and gravel roads to a muddy sloshy slippery mess!

2. So when I got home from work a little early yesterday and saw how muddy the roads were I decided a cross training day was in order for sure!

I did 10 minutes of rowing and then a 15 minute HIIT workout.  To cool down I went and danced in the rain. It felt really good.

3. I signed up to try BeachBody on Demand for a month free. I have already decided to cancel when my month is up.  I have used it once in two weeks. The workouts I really wanted to try aren't available unless I want to pay more. I don't want to pay more, thank you very much.

The one workout I did was half dynamic cardio HIIT type workout and half power yoga. I really liked it and would love more like that, but there was only one. Well two, but the other was a beginner one and I don't want beginner.   My goal is to try at least a couple more before my free month is up, but I was having a hard time getting excited about any of them. I did finally explore the workouts enough that I think I found a bunch I want to try.


  1. My son said this morning "it might snow" I'm ready for summer! ;-)

  2. I think if it snowed today, I might not mind since I'll be in the classroom with kids. BUT if I was wanting to spend a day outside and it snowed? I'd be sad But really, weather doesn't bother me much at all these days because we live in a pretty weather wonderful place, unlike Portland, OR where it would RAIN and Rain and rain and never stop it seemed.

    I wouldn't want to pay for more beach body either....especially someone like you that already knows so much about fitness!

  3. I agree with Amanda! Don't pay for that stuff. We've been getting a ton of rain up here in the north country, too. I've been relegated to running in town where there's pavement or hitting up the treadmill. Sooooooo muddy! But you're exactly right--makes for hay and good crops, which makes cows and farmers happy! :) :) :)

  4. Ugh that's frustrating with BeachBody! I agree that I wouldn't want to pay more just to keep doing the same types of workouts. I'm adopting your perspective on the April Spring is raw and wet most days but I need to remember that it is working to make everything green!!


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