Monday, April 18, 2016

Last week in running.

I didn't really keep track of my workouts or yoga this week, but it was a good week, especially running wise!  

Monday I did an easy recovery run and my legs were feeling a bit heavy and tired from the 5k I ran the day before.

Tuesday was a rest day aka I had to work and so I didn't run, but I am pretty sure I did some sort of strength workout.

Wednesday I did a 9.15 mile long run with some speed intervals thrown in at the end and it felt really good.

Thursday and Friday were both no run days.

Saturday was one of the best run days in what feels like forever.  I had so much energy, my legs and breathing felt so good and I felt like I could run all day.

Sunday I was guessing I was going to have tired legs from the run the day before, but nope, my legs wanted to run all day again and they wanted to do it fast. I kept having to slow myself down and remind my legs this was supposed to be an easy run! I was only going to do 5, but ended up with 6.2.

Still doing a yoga challenge also
Those splits are just not going to happen, but planking, I got that!

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  1. Glad to see you back running again!

    And no splits are happening here either!

  2. With you on the splits, haha!

    Awesome pics, as always.

  3. Good week! Sounds like your Saturday and Sunday were the type of run days we all live for. I love all of the pics with your dog - so cute!

  4. Lookin' good! I am nowhere near capable of splits either... but you're way closer! Keep up the good work! I love those days when running feels easy!

  5. I think Cola enjoys running, yoga and planking as much as you do! Congratulations on a wonderful week! I'm glad your back is feeling better. And, I love the Spidey pants! Thanks for linking with us Christy.

  6. I love it when runs feel so effortless and just full of energy! For me these are few and far between but I still love them when they do sneak up on me.
    I love the help your getting from Cola! I've never ever been able to do a split. Thanks Christy for joining us in the Weekly Wrap!


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