Monday, August 1, 2016

Week in review: Catch ya next year July

Last week seemed like a busy one, probably because I picked up an extra day of work.

Sunday I got up and did my run, and most of the run was before the sun came time to run this time of year!

Then we took the kids on a ride just to check on the heifers, in a rather rough but beautiful pasture. The kids did great.   Below my aunt Linda is showing them where gates are and quizzing them on the pasture names that this one borders and how would they find their way home from here.

Monday I worked but I did get in a 12 minute HIIT workout before work.

Tuesday:  Work day. 12 minute HIIT after work

Wednesday: Long run day...but it happily was also a cut back week so it was only 12 miles, which was awesome!

Thursday:  Workday day but I did fit in about two miles of running in the evening with my girl.

Friday: 12 minute HIIT in the morning before work and  1 mile run after work with my girl

Saturday:  We were meeting up to help our neighbors get the bulls out at 6:30 so I ran down to where we were meeting up, it was a nice run with the last two miles being mostly downhill. My husband was awesome and brought my horse and riding clothes.

Miles for the week: 28ish  The cutback week felt DIVINE, my legs are feeling refreshed and fast again... and I have a 20 miler on tap this week!
Strength workouts: 3
Yoga: 0 but I did do some stretching!

and how about  a cat in a saddle on my fence,

My aunt making the kids do drills with their horses,
and the kids with their Great Grandma Pat who still rides her horse too.  Note the hitching rail in front of her house behind them.
Any way that concludes July pretty much.. how was your week?  Counting yesterdays run.. I ran just over 142 miles in!  You would think I was marathon training!

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  1. I can't wait to be able to run with my baby girl :) So many great pictures! Cut back weeks really are the best... so rejuvenating!

  2. I know I always say this, but I love all your pictures! So awesome. Your girl looks cute in her InkNBurn robot pants!

  3. You had a fantastic July! You are so ready for this marathon. I bet you get to see some amazing sunrises on your early runs. I think you have the perfect place to raise kids -- big open sky, lots of fresh air, sunshine, and animals! Thanks for linking, Christy!

  4. Sounds like you had a great month of running!! Great pics!

  5. I guess I didn't even realize Ink n Burn made clothes for kids! How awesome is this! Your daughter looks great in the new robot style outfit!
    Ha great month for you wow 142 and your not marathon training?! That is something!!! Until next time Christy!


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