Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Things Thursday and Two More For Five

1. I finally got my hair trimmed. I have no idea when I got it trimmed last, but I remember thinking last time "Did she even cut any off?" This time I specified not just a trim, but about an inch and a half to 2 inches off please.   I think it is shorter.  She hid the evidence by curling it and making it harder to tell how much shorter it really is.  I twill find out later today when I shower after my long run if she is in cahoots with my husband to keep my hair as long as possible.

2. I picked 7 and a half gallons of crab apples at my neighbors house yesterday and last night managed to get 2 and a half of those gallons chopped, and boiled and through the saucer.  The whole thing took 3 hours.  (There was a small break while I ate supper) Today I will finish making the crab apple sauce, and crab apple jelly with the juice off the boiled apples and get it canned up. This Suzy homemaker crap is time consuming.  And I still have 5 gallons left. First, a long run with my little sister though.

Little bucket done.
3.  Fisher and Milk Dud have found a happy cool sleeping spot in my flowers of course.
4. The first day of school happened on Tuesday. I took Tuesday off from work this week so send them off. You would think that meant I had a super productive day at home getting things done. Nope. I did get in a run and cleaned the kitchen. I also surfed the internet, took a nap and read a book. Sometimes downtime is better than getting shit done.
Somehow I let my kid go to school in old jeans on his first day.
5.  17 days until the Bozeman Marathon! I am feeling pretty good overall, except for a back/shoulder thing that I have aggravated somehow and was further aggravated by chopping up minature apples for two hours last night.  I think I will need a visit to a chiropractor or a massage to get that worked out.

Do you can things like jelly, applesauce, veggies etc?
 I used to a lot more, but it's such a lot of work!


  1. My husband and I were just talking about how useless crabapples were and here you are using them! Pretty sure my grandma made jelly with them. She had gooseberries too--which no one has heard of. They were green, as was her jelly, and as a kid I wouldn't eat anything green!

  2. LOVE crabapple jelly... the taste and especially the COLOR! Your curly hair is gorgeous!

  3. I have never canned anything. My only attempt at a garden was in middle school and the entire thing was wiped out by our pet tortoise. #citygirl

  4. Nice job on the crabapples. I would like to grow them someday. I just picked some golden delicious apples. I also have granny smith waiting to be picked.

  5. I think your hair looks gorgeous! My husband too likes my hair long. Funny thing I trim my own hair with the curls honestly you could butcher it and you wouldn't know it.
    Seeing you talk about crabapples reminds me one time I got in trouble at church for bring a whole handful and eating them while the service was going on. Apparently I was loud or something like that??


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