Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. My kids have 12 days of summer vacation left! They found out their teachers last week and are both very excited to have their best friends in their class this year,  School shopping is complete..thank goodness, and now all we have to do is enjoy what is left of summer!  Cousins from Virginia will be here next week and flag football will be starting Sept 10. The air definitely has more of a fall feel in the morning this week.

2.  Running and marathon training is going good. Really good.  I don't predict a knock it out of the ball park time, but I have one 20 mile run left next week and I am on to taper time. Kind of starting to get excited and starting to wonder about what I will wear, which shoes, am I going to carry my own hydration or just get it along the way. All these things I need to figure out! I want to try to do my long run next week in my marathon shoes and clothes.

3. Randoms.. my dad found a praying mantis and caught it for my son, we have been having a great time catching grasshoppers and watching them get ate.  We also recently got two pigs and the rabbits were moved to the chicken house to give them more room to run around.  The chickens don't need it anyway since they all got ate by raccoons.


  1. Those days heading into back-to-school are always bittersweet for me! It means a lot less free time for me heading back to work....and less time with my ladies. However it also means seeing them grow and learn!

  2. This time of year is always bittersweet--as much as I love getting back into a routine, I sure miss those lazy summer days!

  3. Cola looks fab in the tiara!!

  4. The Phelps pic - funny, I need to learn how to focus like that before races!

  5. Hope you're enjoying your family visiting from Virginia! Love your diva dog's tiara! :-)


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