Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekly Wrap: August Week 2, 2016

Sunday  8.3 mile easy run after a pretty big 7 hour hike the day before.  and a 15 minute strength workout in the afternoon.

Monday  7.1 miles.  This was sort of like a tempo run with a pause.  I ran 4 miles with the first easy and the rest at a 7:38 pace, then went home (my father in law was here and when I went running everyone was sleeping but I didn't want to miss when he left so I cut my run short) after 45 minutes I went out and ran another 3.1 to complete my run.  It felt really good! My legs felt speedy and they haven't felt that good in a while!

Then after finsihing school shopping I came home and did 40 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday  NOthing

Wednesday: 13.1 mile run

Thursday: 12 minute strength workout before work

Friday 18 minute strength workout before work

Saturday: Hill repeats  and some easy running for a total of 6.4 miles

run 34.9 miles in four runs
yoga 1
strength workouts: 3

Randoms... my soo long! I am planning on a trim as soon as the kids go back to school

Sometimes Cola gets bored when I do yoga and he tries to be helpful

What is a random from your week?
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  1. You are really fast! That seven mile run has me green with envy! I'm hoping once it cools off that some of my speed--not that I'm even in your league--will return. Without the PF...

  2. What a great week! My dog used to bark at the treadmill but she's gotten used to it!

  3. I love your hair! I got a couple inches hacked off last month and it felt so amazing. And yes, we go white, not gray. I'm not going gracefully! Cola is a nut! What a great running partner, but not picture partner!

  4. Wow, dem legs though, in that second picture! They look speedy!

  5. Sounds like another very solid week.

    Something random from my week. Hmmmm. Living in my joggers? LOL! Actually, I have to wrap myself in a shawl when I lay on the couch, because even though it's been hot and humid, the AC vents blow right on the couch!

  6. I think Cola is trying to tell you something -- he needs his own Instragram account. HA. Your training has been great. I know you must be getting really excited about the race. I think your hair looks fantastic long. My random -- my youngest started school last Wednesday. Yes, already! Thanks for linking, Christy!

  7. I love the background scenery of your pics...seems like a beautifully peaceful place to live! Speaking of random for the week - got my hair done on Monday and went a shade lighter. Thinking of going a little more blonde to cover the gray! :)

  8. You had a great week but I am most impressed with all you did on Sunday!

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  10. I love the color of your hair it is very similar to mine only mine appears darker when curly. If I straightened it, it would look much lighter.
    Random: speaking of hair, I never use shampoo! Only conditioner. When I use shampoo it drys my hair out and looks 10x more frizzy!


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