Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap: Last blast of summer

Sunday: Easy 5 and a 15 minuted strength workout

Monday: 7 miles with 800s x7  This was supposed to be 800s x 8 but I added wrong in my head and did a two mile warm up, I didn't want to go over 7 miles and doing another would have made it almost 8 miles, not a big deal maybe, but my LAST long run is this week and I don't want to have tired legs for it.  I have worked really hard this training cycle not to over do it.

Tuesday. 40 minutes of yoga

Wednesday: 15 minute HIIT workout in the morning

Thursday: 21.2 miles This run was pretty huge in boosting my confidence for the marathon.  I broke it into two parts. The first part was 9 miles and then since all the kids (mine and 2 cousins) were awake I had about a 12-15 minute break where I got them all piled in the car and down to my parent's house. I had planned to run at least 20 miles and up to 22 if it felt good to make up for taking the break.

It felt really really good, in fact mile 18 was run at 8:11 pace and felt great! But then it started to rain, like rain really hard. I was by now running on a field dirt road and it was getting so slippery so I was running in the wheat stubble in the field, which wasn't all that fun either. I did make it 21.2 miles though and when I was done I was soaked and happy.

Friday: Took a rest day

Saturday 7 miles easy

Run: 40.2 miles
Strength: 2
Yoga: 1
So officially I am into taper mode and there are 21 days until my marathon!

Other happenings this week..  my kids have their cousins from Virginia here and its been one big party for them. They have had sleepovers at my parent's house or here every night except one since last Sunday.   So much fun! My kids let their cousins ride their horses yesterday and my aunt brought some more advanced horses for my kids to ride. Everyone had a great time!

We got well over an inch of much needed rain this week as well as a break from the hot temps. It has been a hot and very dry summer so the rain made us all very happy!
My kids go back to school Tuesday and my little sis will be here to take her kids back to Virginia next week.  Before she leaves though we get to do a long run together! She is training for her first marathon and is doing the MCM in October.

My kids will be very sad to see their cousins leave, and I think their cousins will be sad to leave too!

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  1. Yay for the taper! It's usually a love hate thing for me. Good luck to your kiddos and going back to school :) Love the pic on the horses!

  2. I can't believe it's taper time for you! You've had a great training cycle and I can't wait to see what you do!

  3. It looks like you had some great workouts this week, especially the 800s. I too have added intervals or missed them because of bad math skills on the track (haha). It happens. Glad it's finally taper time and your legs can get a little recovery before the marathon!

  4. Looks like you have had great training and should have no problem getting that under 4 marathon!! I don't taper well and get scared thinking my legs & body might forget how to run that far EKKK!!! LOL Best of Luck to you :)

  5. Wow. 21 miles! And at that pace! You're doing great (although I hate when I mess up the math!).

  6. I have never been horse back riding. I'd love to try it out sometime. Enjoy the taper. That's always my favorite part of training....haha.

  7. Great job on the 21 miler! Don't let the taper crazies get to you. Excited to see how this marathon goes for you.

  8. You've had an incredible training cycle! You are going to crush this marathon. I love the top you are wearing in that top picture. I know your kids have enjoyed playing with their cousins. How cool you'll get to run with your sister and that she is running her first marathon in October. Thanks for linking, Christy!

  9. Awesome run!! Even with the rain. Sounded kinda fun slopping around. MCM is a great first marathon, I wish your sister the best of luck. That was my first marathon. Good luck with yours! Sounds like you are totally ready!

  10. I love horses but never learned to ride. I've gone horse back riding a couple times and my legs couldn't hold me up when I was done each time. Talk about sore!

  11. About 3 weeks ago we were complaining about how much we needed rain. Well we got and some more for good measure. It can stop now, we've had enough and so has our neighbors from LA too.
    Sounds like the cousins from VA had a ball!
    Thanks Christy for linking up with us!


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