Thursday, January 12, 2017

Three Things Thursday

1.  New shoes!  As part of being an Altra Ambassador I am lucky to recieve to pairs of Altra shoes.. of my choice!  You can't believe what a hard decision this was! I quickly had it narrowed down to 5 pairs of shoes.  Torins, Olympus, Paradigm, Lone Peaks and and One.  Ultimately I went withe the Lone Peaks with the Neoshell in the black and mint ( a color my daughter is in love with) and the Olympus in the shitake and coral (a color my daughter did not like) (but I do and I win)

I picked the Lone Peaks because I have been wanting to try those out for a long time and they have the NeoShell that keeps your feet warm and dry.. and it's winter and will get super slushy here as soon as things start to warm up a little

I picked the Olympus because I have two older pairs and LOVE them and really wanted to try the newer model.  and a little bit I just really liked the color.

2. I was looking at pictures last night and find that here in the depths of winter times like this (warm times, green times wearing shorts times) feel very far away

3. I have warned my kids multiple times about leaving things around the house that our beagle puppy can chew on as he chews on everything... although he is getting better.  So when my son came to me the other day as said "Mom, remember how you told us that we shouldn't leave things laying around we didn't want Roader to chew on? and how it would be our own fault if he did?"  I knew right away that I had been the one to leave something out that Roader got too. Sure enough, my vacuum cord was pulverized by little beagle teeth.


  1. I'm amazed at the stuff Cocoa finds and chews. I have big boys, 19 and 17, and I haven't seen a Lego in years. Yet Cocoa has been chewing on Legos lately. Everything is fair game. She did chew an electrical cord, but must have gotten a shock because she hasn't chewed on those since.

  2. I love my Altras! I have the Lone Peaks and the Paradigms! Love the colors too! Yes I'm all set with winter already!!! I need my summer!!

  3. Dogs. We had a foster dog who hated my knitting. Georgia would decimate anything I left out, yarn, needles, pattern. She got two before I got smart. Whoops. It happens. Our recently departed old guy loved leather. He got the edge of a pair of boots, I was a little ticked but the look of glee on his face for that taste of leather makes me smile and seeing that bite mark when I put on the boots makes me smile. At the time I knew his years were numbered and was happy to have the reminder of our "leather lover". Thanks for the memory Christy. Hope your vacuum cord is easily fixed.

  4. YIKES! Puppy chews... I recall losing a loved pair of leather shoes to puppy chews.


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