Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Mantras for 2017

I blogged last year how I hate the new year, new you thing. It is not a whole new me just because it is a new year. I don't hate the old me so much that I need a new one. I do like the pick a word for the year thing.  Last year I didn't really have a word, but a saying, a mantra that carried me through.
Find joy in the journey
I felt like it helped carry me through some times where my attitude was lacking in positivity.  I would remind myself to find the joy in the journey and it would calm me a bit and help me refocus.  I think I will continue to use it this year. I also love

She believed she could so she did
and I used it many times to get through hard things, like my marathon and the Ragnar running in the intense Hawaiian heat.

This year I am going to also add
Just breathe
because often just taking a step back, taking a breath or two and reminding myself to just breathe
helps me relax and refocus and know the one thing I can always control in my own attitude. Except when I am tired, then don't get between me and my bed, or when I'm hungry...feed me.  But really we have such a short time here and the time with my kids is flying by.   

and finally

                                                       Make it happen

because I am the only one who can make me do my runs and my workouts. I have to make it happen if I want to reach the goals. 

Do you have a word for the year or a mantra? Is this a new year and a new you?
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  1. I love all of these mantras and use them. I'm also adding finishing is winning, because now I don't know if I'll be able to meet time goals.

  2. Great mantras! I do not have one for the year but maybe I will put some of these to use.

  3. OMG I am SO with you on loathing that New Year New You thing. That line is beyond tired but it never fails to show up every year. Love these mantras.

  4. My phone case is "She believed she could so she did." I think I got it from a gift card I won on your blog a few years ago!

    I like resetting my mileage at the beginning of the year and watching them build back up, but I'm not a big resolutions person either.

  5. I love all of these, especially the last one! :) Here's to a great 2017!

  6. AMEN to hating the whole "New Year; New You" thing - I think I commented the same thing on your post last year, ha! But I still feel very strongly the same :) . Love the mantras!

  7. I have a variety of mantras that I use, but if I were to choose a word for the year it would be "calm". I'm anxious about so many different things right now, but none of them are things I can control. I just have to stay calm and let things play out.


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