Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Wrap: Week 3 of January

It was a week of much warmer running weather and I was loving it!

Sunday: 5.5 miles

Monday:  I took a nap instead of a run... but I did do P90X3 CVX workout which is kind of like cardio with weights

Tuesday: Long run 11 miles in the glorious sunshine.  20 minutes of easy yoga first thing in the morning and Upper Body Fix from the 21 Day Fix

Wednesday 5 miles with hill repeats and a couple 400s
21 day Fix workout

Thursday  21 day Fix Total Body workout

Friday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Lower Body Fix

Saturday: 6 miles, 4 miles hilly and then 2 miles with strides mixed in

Runs: 27.5 miles in 4 runs
Strength: 6 workouts. More than planned
Yoga: 1 less than planned...oops, guess I felt like being strong this week.

I got home from my long run Wednesday to fun mail.

So I had to try on my new running pullover of course right away.

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  1. I do love that lotus long sleeve! They're just so pricey...

  2. We've been having such a mild winter that I totally forget that some people actually have snow! I'm not complaining about our mild winter, but I do love the snow when it comes so liked seeing these pics!

  3. We had warmer weather this week too, but its been really rainy! Love all your pictures in the snow. Great job this week!

  4. I'm glad you said it was warmer because the snow looks cold. But it is very lovely, especially with the pretty blue skies and sunshine. I would enjoy running in that. (Just no wind, please!) You had a great week of running. And, I love it when packages come in the mail too! Thanks for linking, Christy.

  5. That shirt is to die for!!!! I'm totally jinxing the weather...but I wish we just a tiny bit of snow. It's so cold, it would be nice to at least have something to show for it LOL

  6. Warmer and snow in the background? What?? It is so very pretty.
    I laugh at seeing the fedex pack. My mail carrier use to put stuff on my porch that was until my dogs decided to not wait on me to open the packages. It's sometimes a pain now because what doesn't fit in the box I have to actually go to the post office and get.

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