Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January: Started cold ended cold

I ran 110 miles in January which I am going to go ahead and say is pretty good considering all the snow and cold.  January came in like an Ice Princess dancing with Jack Frost (first day of the year was -30 with windchills)  and is going out like a Snow Queen (we are expecting another 3-6 inches of that crazy white stuff today AND the freaking cold is back after nearly 50 degrees for three days).

Cold, snowy and not a lot of sun.
We did have some interludes with sunshine and minimal wind, but if I had to recap January I would say "Cold and windy, thank you very much".

It's been cold with very minimal gorgeous type winter days since the beginning of December so I am pretty much over it. Although on the bright side.. all this lovely snow we have in piles everywhere will help grow the grass in the spring to feed the cows.

I kept up well with the yoga and strength training for January and am happy with how that went although I admit I probably concentrated more on upper body than lower.

Training is going good, but speedwork has been minimal with the road conditions and the extreme cold temps.  I am okay with that and have no big time goals for my half marathon in March.

I am giving myself an "A" for the month for getting out in the cold and getting all my long runs done.
How was your January?

This week's writing prompt: Rate your month in running. If you don't have anything to share about how your running month rated, feel free to post any running related blog post. Link-up with Patty, Erika, and Marcia!


  1. I'm pretty happy and surprised how January turned out for me! 105 miles. Not bad!

  2. A very well deserved A! Such an inspiration :) .

  3. Yes, you definitely get an A+ for running in the cold. So my students were complaining about a 30 degree day the other day and I told them about you and how cold it gets in Montana. That made them rethink their coldness...haha

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  5. Hatts off to your smartness and the energy you have. Its really hard for me to go out and walk for a single mile in peak of the winters but girl you really did a good job. After reading this post i am thinking to start my workout again as i have gone lazy and have put some extra pounds.


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