Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Am I ready?

A couple weeks ago I asked for podcast suggestions from people in this post and here they are:So thanks to all you gave me some ideas!  I haven't had a chance to listen to any of them yet, but I did start downloading "This American Life" and "Fat2Fit Radio" so hopefully soon I can.  Anyone else have any I could add to the list? 

I was paging thru an old issue of Runner's World yesterday at work and found an article on how to tell if you are ready to race a certain distance. For a half marathon, which is what I am doing in two weeks, it suggested running three intervals of 2 miles each at the goal race pace with a minute of rest in between.  So that is going to be my workout this morning.  I am going to do it before it gets too hot, but I am waiting for it to warm up a little more so I can simulate what it will probably be like on race day.

I haven't really been following any particular training plan except, do a long run, get in a speed workout, and hopefully do a tempo.  SO I am really wondering how ready I am!

Last year I ran it with 8:47 pace.  This year I would like to be closer to 8 to 8:15 pace.  Not sure if this will be realistic given the heat, but I have to start with some sort of goal! It will not be a PR, I think the route is too hilly and the weather will be too hot, so I am adjusting my goal according to this.  Maybe I should wear one of my kid's superhero capes for the run this morning!

My husband and I took the kids to see a Custer's Last Stand Re-enactment.  My son LOVED it, unfortunatly it was an outdoor event and a very nasty thunderstorm was rolling in so they had to cut the show short.  The cut to the bid battle scene and then we all ran for our vehicles.  The show was pretty much out in a field and heavily attended by Californians in little cars and big RV's so when the rain started to pour down on us all I could envision was everyone getting stuck.  Especially since I had seen some very large ruts in the field where a tractor had sunk in and no doubt been stuck previously this spring in all the rain.  Thankfully we all made it out.

My son was very disturbed to see the "cowboys" aka the 7th Calvary losing to Sitting Bull and his warriors.  I hadn't told him going in what was going to happen. 

Even though it was cut short, it was a pretty good show they put on and my kids had a great time.  My daughter was very impressed with the indians in their face paint.

Don't forget about my giveaways.  Running chicks ends tomorrow!!

Any other podcast suggestions?


  1. You'll be ready! That said, it's smart to be realistic about the course and heat, like you said. Make it your goal to feel good and steady throughout.

  2. You can do it! Listen to your body and just go with it :)

  3. It's great to set goals. My money is on you for being more than ready!

  4. Thanks for pimpin out my giveaway on your sidebar!!! :)

  5. Enjoy your run today! I love that strategy. You will do great at the half because you are an incredibly strong runner.

  6. I think you can definitely do an 8-815 pace for your half marathon. Wouldn't surprise me if you even get close to beating your PR.

    That would be cool to see the cowboys vs indians battle re-enactment!

  7. I'm going to try that interval workout soon. I wonder if that would be a great way to not only see if you're ready....but also challenge yourself to go faster.

  8. 2 things:
    1. Your abs.
    2. Your back.

    Girl, I'm impressed with those muscles. Thanks for inspiring me today!

    (Which I needed after looking at all the goodies you posted afterwards...)


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