Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Tuesday update

Crazy weather here last night. I was trying to watch the Bachelorette last night but every ten minutes the National Weather Service would break in with another update. Tornado watches, tornado sighting, flash flooding. Luckily it was all to the north of us. We could see some pretty wicked lightning from our house and about midnight we got some heavy rains. Sounds like everyone is okay this morning. Seriously why is Ashley so in love with Bentley, what a frigging jerk!?

I had a very busy Sunday, I got up early to run and after dropping off the kids at riding lessons, my husband and I planted the garden. Took all morning to get it rototilled, planted and the watering system set up. I was surprised I wasn't more burned than I was. Hopefully the heavy rains last night didn't wash away all my seeds! Got a horrible sideache on my run Sunday morning that I could still feel the effects of on Monday. What the hell? I must have ate too much for breakfast? Beats me I haven't had a sideache like that in years.

Me and Cola ready to head off on our run Sunday am.

My cat Tip wanted in on the picture. This was also the last picture my camera took before it somehow sat in a small pool of water and DIED. Ugh. Camera shopping is in the future for me I see.

I have been listening to podcasts on my long runs for the first three quarters of the run then I switch to music to pull me through the last little bit. How Stuff Works has some great ones.  My favorites are Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff Your Mom Never Told You.  Though there are some others I haven't tried yet.  They are free to download on iTunes and really seem to make the time fly by.   Short post as I am off to work and tomorrow I get to catch up with everyone YAY!  Have a great Tuesday!

Anyone else know of any great FREE podcasts?

Anyone recommend a great cheap camera?


  1. I love thunderstorms! I used to sit in the garage and watch them with my father...however we never got a tornado or anything like that!

    Maybe the stitch is from hydration...sometimes I get them if I haven't drank enough.

  2. have you tried the rice trick with the camera? i know if saves cellphones, not sure about cameras...worth a try!

    ive never tried podcasts, they really work to beat the boredom on long runs????

  3. I do the same thing with podcasts! I listen for about 2/3 of the run and then switch to music. I like Fat2Fit Radio. I'm going to go check your recommendation out. Good luck with the camera.

  4. I'm excited to hear what people recommend for podcasts! I only listen to books on tape while running and I'd love to hear some podcast ideas :)

  5. As far as camera's, I just bought a Canon ELPH something. It's great, but $250. Canon also has a lot of cheaper cameras too. I once bought a Sony and it broke within 2 years. So I stick with Canons now, but I hear Kodak has good cameras too.

    I ran last night. WHAT? Yes, that's right, I ran. Well, I ran/walked 5 miles. BUT!!! I ran one whole mile...without stopping...in 9 min and 30 sec! I'm pretty excited about.

    Tonight I'm going for it again! I must be nuts.

  6. I hope the weather gets better there, how crazy. That is great that you were able to get a run in on Sunday. Sorry about your side ache though. They seriously are the worst!

    For a camera I would go with anything cannon. They have some great small cameras for around $100. Have a great week!

  7. Too much water before the run? Could that be the cuase of the sideache?

    Beautiful cat!

  8. The look on your cat's face is hilarious!

    Have you ever listened to Two Gomers Run a Marathon?

    Have a great Tuesday!


  9. I've always meant to get in to podcasts, so I'm going to go check those out!

    I have always wanted to see someone run with a cat. I think this is as close as I'm gonna get.

  10. Hey Christy - glad I stumbled on your blog. :) And you watch the Bachelorette - a girl after my own heart. Bentley was a scum bag!

    Anyway, love the blog! I'm going to check out the pod casts.

    As for the camera... we have a Canon Powershot that we love. I think we paid $150 for it and it's been fabulous! :)

  11. I love the how stuff works podcasts.

    You should try out WNYC's radiolab. I really enjoy that one. I also like "this American life" on NPR.

    I've got a sub $200 canon power shot and it takes beautiful vivid photos. I almost prefer it to my larger more expensive Lumix.

  12. jillian michaels has some free podcasts, i was listening to one on my run today!

  13. That last pic is a crack-up!

    I love podcasts - Marathon talk is awesome! :)

  14. THIS AMERICAN LIFE! Best podcast, radio show... whatever... ever.


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