Friday, June 24, 2011

Twistbands giveaway and Fridays Ramblings

First the ramblings.  I haven't run much this week thanks to some very congested lungs.  I did finally get in a pretty good 4.5 mile run yesterday.  It felt okay but just when I really thought I was cruising, I was running way slower than I would have guessed though. 

The week has been pretty busy with the kids having swim lessons four nights this week.  They also had a dentist appointment is which my little Cowboy found out he had a cavity and Little Princess got the thumbs up on her teeth.  

We then went to the park to hand out for a couple of hours until it was time for swim lessons, where I snapped this picture. The girl couldn't have been older than 3 and was already this obese.  So sad.  She was also with two sisters, who were obese and one was younger, one was older.  WHAT! How does this happen.   Should it be a crime when kids this age are obese?  The mother was not grossly overweight.  I was flabbergasted.
I find the situation heart breaking.  I feel like she is setting her kids up for a lifetime of weight issues.   Weigh in and tell me what you think!

Here is a picture of my lil dog Cola.  I tried to run Tuesday, but was feeling like a pile of crap so I ended up mostly walking.  He kept looking back at me with this "What is your deal? Why are we going so slow, Mom?" look. 

We walked past some beehives that are kept on the ranch.  Best. Honey. Ever.  

Okay now on to the giveaway!...

I found Twistbands on Facebook one day so I went to their website to see what in the world were Twistbands?  I sent them an email asking if they would be interested in a product review and giveaway, here is what I got in the mail!
 Right off I was loving all of the fun colors.  You can see even more on the website.     I wore one on my wrist for the greater part of a day and it didn't leave a mark on my wrist like most hair bands do. So that is another plus.  They can be purchased with fun buckles on them.  I was sent the Anchor and the crown.  I am keeping the crown, but the anchor will be given to a lucky winner. 

Here is the twistband story:

Like all great inventions, Twistband was born out of necessity. After having a baby, Jessica Frandson grew tired of having her hair tugged by the little one and quickly learned the least painful hairstyle for a new mom was a ponytail. She made sure to always have her hair up and kept a second band on her wrist as a backup. Traditional hair bands hurt her head and her wrist, so she twisted a soft piece of elastic trim to hold back her hair, thus creating the first Twistband. 

Drawbacks:  I did find a couple 
1. I felt like I had to tighten the knots in them before I used them 

2. I didn't feel like they held my hair as tightly as a regular hair band would in a ponytail.  

 Here are some of them on my wrist.  They are pretty shiny though it doesn't show up well that way in the pictures.  Note the pretty sparkly buckles. 

 Here is one in my hair.  Not a great picture, but it is harder than you think to take a picture of the back of your head. At least it is for me.
I did run with them several times now and though my ponytail did not stay as snug as it normally does it never fell out either.  They are great for every other thing that I do.  I love being able to just put one on my wrist and not have it cut into my skin, and then be able to put my hair into a ponytail when I am tired of it being in my face.  I love that it comes in so many pretty colors.  My daughter also loves them.

They also have headbands, shoelaces, do it yourself dye kits and more.   You can have custom orders made with the logo or message of your choice on them. 

How to enter
1. Go to their website and tell me what you like
2. Like them on Facebook, tell them I sent you
3. Like me on Facebook

Leave a comment for each.  Ends  7-04.  Don;t forget about my Running Chicks tank giveaway HERE 


  1. I like that you can wear it as a headband or a ponytail holder :) p.s. - I feel SO bad for that little girl. She is really going to struggle through life.

  2. I like the headbands that they have- especially the black and white polka dot one

  3. sometimes I wonder if parents are just on another planet when their kids are obese like that. Kids (as a general rule) should never be overweight. I think it just comes down to portion sizes and how distorted our views are on what that should be. Super size everything. Makes me sad (and mad).

  4. I LOVE the buckle headbands and hair ties! The crown is super cute!

  5. Liked them on FB and told them you sent me!

  6. Yikes that is a big little girl!! So sad... I can't imagine the future (current?) health issues she will have way before she ought to be having them. :(

    Those bands are so cute! I would wear it as just a bracelet :)

  7. I'm so sad about that little girl. On the one hand, I'm horrified. On the other hand, I've been to the "OMG I'll let you eat ANYTHING as long as you just EAT!" place... and admit that my son doesn't always eat the highest quality foods.

    I do, however, try to model an active lifestyle for my kids. Yes, diet and exercise go together, but I want my kids to be active and eat healthy not just because of weight, but because it makes them feel better!

    So, I do hope that little girl and her siblings are able to get some help, or else it could be very rough for them.


  8. I like the camo print ones, and the sparkely ones.
    PS-that little girl is so sad. I think it should be child abuse to let your kids get like that.

  9. I liked you on facebook. Can't believe I haven't done that yet!

  10. So so sad about that obese little girl. :( That absolutely breaks my heart.

    I liked them on fb.

  11. Checked out the website and I love that they are so versatile. Not just hair bands but tons of uses. Awesome!

  12. oooh I saw these at a salon and totally wanted to try them! I'd want to try the hair ties!

  13. I worry about overweight kids, too. I think eating out and takeout probably has a lot to do with it. My kids are much less obsessed with food when we're on a good run of home-cooked meals. TV also contributes. I keep my kids away from it--plenty of time for that when they're older and know that there are many more interesting things to do than sit and watch crap.

  14. I absolutely 100% think it's child abuse to let your child get obese. Dr.Oz had an episode about this issue and you wouldn't believe the denial the parents were in about what they were feeding their kids and how it wasn't their fault sad for these kids!

  15. I agree with what you said about the obese kids. It is tragic :(

  16. Ok, first: the little girl breaks my heart. I know it's not ok for me to say anything to the parents, but I just want to help her. It's setting her up for so many problems later in life.

    AND: I follow you on FB!

  17. I love the "kiss me" hair ties---so cute!

  18. i hope ur lungs are able to blow out the congestion...feel better soon!

    childhood obesity is a big sticking point for me, it's SO incredibly sad and just like u said i honestly feel it's got to fall into some kind of child mistreatment. kids aren't born to be that fat off the bat it's the home environment they grow up around. it's a shame. :( hope u're weekend is off to a great start! :)

  19. I liked you on FB and them on FB annnnd I love all of the bright colors they have!

  20. I like the shimmery ones that were featured in Lucky magazine.

  21. sad for that girl. And why does mom have her strutting her stuff on the playground in practically no clothing?? It's surprising to me that mom is not overweight but all 3 kids are. Maybe dad's a big guy?

    I work in an elementary school, and there are only a handful of kids that I would consider to be overweight or obese, which is pretty good out of ~950 students. Those that are heavy...the parents are too. I think it is a form of child abuse to allow your kid to get that heavy. I feel like most kids are just little balls of energy and you'd have to really try hard to overfeed them/not let them run around outside (or inside) for them to get that big. (Barring some kind of rare serious health problem).


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