Monday, June 20, 2011

and the winners are...

The winners of the Chocolate #9 giveaway are as picked by are...

Sarah (59) from Running for Myself
Carrie (#72) from Family Fitness Food

congrats on your wins, send me your info so I can get your prizes sent off to you! Thanks to everyone who entered and to all the new followers..THANKS for following me, I love you all!  :)

In other news found this really great post by Drazil  that I think everyone should check out!  I follow a  lot of blogs and love doing it, but I do have some frustrations and apparently I was not alone.. check out her post called "I need a favor.."   I find it voiced pretty much all I was feeling! Thanks Drazil!

I ran 11 miles yesterday and had wanted to do 14, but I was so pooped by 10 miles I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was being hard on myself until I remembered I HAD run a 10k the day before.  So I cut myself some slack and allowed myself to quit at 11.   Four weeks until my first half marathon of the year.  It is a doozy one.  No shade, hot, and hills.  Not very many people do it, but I can say that I do!

The kids start swim lessons this week.  Two weeks of Monday thru Thursday half hour lessons, then two more weeks at the end of July.  It seems like a lot, but they really benefit from going nearly every day.  Last year my son wouldn't even get in the water the first two days.  He is my cautious child.  The second session he just jumped right in like a pro!  I have two giveaways to post this week, hoping to get them done today.

Happy Monday everyone!  I am off work this week so it is fitting that I am finally getting the cold everyone else in my family has had.  Boo! 


  1. congrats to the winners!

    good luck with that marathon...sounds tough!

  2. Good luck on your marathon!!

    Thank you for sharing this link! I have been trying to figure out how to turn off my word verification for months!!! Finally!!!

  3. Congrats to the giveaway winners. Have a great week and I hope you start feeling better. :)

  4. totally agree with what she had to say

  5. oooh! thanks for the link and I totally agree!

  6. Good luck on the marathon, that sounds rough! Power to you for giving it a shot and I have no doubt you will finish!

  7. Oh wow! I'm so excited that I won!! Sending you an email.

    Doesn't that stink when you're off work and you get sick? I hope you don't get it.

    Congrats on your 10 miles, even though you wanted 11. I haven't run more then 6 in awhile. Getting ready to start training for my next half in a few weeks. I'm wicked excited!!


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